They demolished the statue of Lopez Obrador 48 hours after it opened

The number was set on December 29 by Mayor Roberto Telles, of the ruling National Renewal Movement (Brown woman, center left), amid heavy criticism from the opposition and analysts who questioned “personality cult” from the agent.

Telles unveiled the statue two days after he left power, after losing his re-election last June to Marisol Arias, of the Coalition of Institutional Revolutionary Parties (PRI, in the middle), National Action (deprivation, right) and the democratic revolution (fart, the left).

Atlacumulco, in the state of Mexico, which surrounds the capital and to which many of the city’s fringes belong, is the headquarters of a powerful political group that has dominated the national political scene for several decades and belongs to the opposition PRI. He ruled the country for nearly eight decades since 1929.

The last advocate of this group was the now former president Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018), who handed the reins of power to Lopez Obrador.

The statue without arms or head, located in the center of Atlacomulco, and is 1.80 meters tall, was made by artisans from Tlalpujahua, the southern state of Michoacan, near Atlacomulco, and cost 50,000 pesos (about $2,500).

The perpetrators of the vandalism were not identified, despite the presence of security cameras around the area, due to their small number Before demolishing the statue, they caused a short circuit in the lighting system, leaving the monitoring system out of order.

Lopez Obrador, who many of his fiercest opponents compare to the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez or Cuban Fidel CastroHowever, he said that he emphasized in his will his refusal to dedicate statues to him and his refusal to use his name to name schools, hospitals, or any kind of public business.

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