A 70-year-old woman had 23 contact lenses removed from her eyes

a ophthalmologist US pound Extract 23 Contact lenses subordinate eyes for one 70 year old womanwho attended the consultation due to discomfort and pain.

The strange event took place in Newport Beach, California, where Katrina Corteva forced to resort to swab to remove lenses That the age of seventy has accumulated in the eyelid area, he indicated the site Telemundo.

October 13, World Sight Day

sensitive photos

Then, the specialist trusted that her patient has since come this far He didn’t know that he had to take it off at the end of the day, so he put on a new one the next day.

A parasite grabs her contact lenses and “devours” her cornea, leaving her blind

contact lenses

Currently there are different types of Contact lensesHard, soft, everyday, elongated or decorative, also available in different colours.

In addition, they can improve the vision of people with myopia, myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia; There are even so-called “bandage lenses”, which are generally used to cover the corneal area, after an injury or intervention.


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