They confirm that Camilla Parker will be the rightful Queen of the United Kingdom and not the “Queen Consort”

stretcher Parkerwhich we know until now as the Queen Consort of kingdom Kingdom, you witness how your desires are fulfilled. She is that wife King Charles IIIhas achieved an unprecedented goal for his position, something that no one else has with his best wishes, especially because of his dark past and the way he managed to be a member of the Property British.

According to what was revealed by the media and various newspapers British, Camilla Parker will no longer be called “Queen Consort” but will be called “Queen”, just as she has been. Charles III.

According to the newspaper Mirror A source close to the royal family, is to avoid complications because the current formula is “cumbersome and it might be easier for Camilla to be known only as ‘The Queen’ when the time is right.”

British media confirm by saying that the King wants his wife to be treated as the highest royal, because Camilla is “queen


This news does not go over well with everyone, who refuses to forget the past clouding the wife’s reputation monarch. Her character is “the outsider” and one of the people responsible for the suffering of the deceased Princess Diana to welsh, It still greatly affects his public image.

So Camila is in tenth place among the members British royalty Most popular with the public, a very low place to be a wife king.

The official coronation of Camilla Parker And Charles III May 6th will be a historic event for the United Kingdom and will hold many surprises. Especially for all the scandals the royal family has been through in recent years.

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And you, do you agree to the privileged treatment that Camilla Parker Within the royal family?

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