This is proof that Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia can’t stand each other | video

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Kate Middleton and the Queen Letizia They are the clear example that not all royal families get along: the Princess of Wales and wife of King Philip VI They can’t stand each other And so they revealed it video Viral already spread on social networks. Contrary to what is believed, it seems that the British royal family and the Spanish royal family are not as close as they want to make everyone see and the proof of this is the photos of the meeting that both had.

Most of them believe that there is no bad relationship between Kate Middleton and the Queen LetiziaHowever, their animosity became evident at a public event that they both attended. Despite the fact that the Royal House of the United Kingdom and Spain have always been friendly to each other, the women who head their respective monarchies have had no problem showing their discomfort when being together and of course the person who They can’t stand each otherThis was demonstrated in a video clip.

Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia reveal they don’t get along | video

Kate Middleton ignores Queen Letizia. Image: file

Proof that Leticia and Kate they don’t take Well, it happened at the 2019 Garter Day Gala; The Queen of Spain attended the event to accompany her husband, Philip VI, who was to be knighted as a Knight of the Garter. It was there that he met the then Duchess of Cambridge (today’s Princess of Wales) and left their interaction as a memory video Where both seem uncomfortable being together and it is noted that Kate ignores Leticia.

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Kate Middleton did not acquiesce Queen Letizia When he stood in front of her, in fact, he didn’t even turn around to see her, at least that could be seen in the released photos. The Spanish press reported at the time that Letizia was very nervous and did not know how to react when she saw Prince William’s wife. However, since then, it is believed that Leticia and Kate They can’t stand each other.

Also, as they were traveling together in the carriage, there was little interaction between them, and they hardly exchanged a word which made the situation even more tense. Despite the fact that it seems that they do not get along, the British royal family always invites the Spanish royals to their most important events, because, as is known, they care a lot about their image and popularity.

Who is your favorite king? Queen Letizia or Kate Middleton? Photo: AP

what do you think? do you think that Kate Middleton and the Queen Letizia can’t stand each other?


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