The arrest of the leader of the main anti-monarchy movement in the UK

he responsible from the manager British anti-monarchy movement He was arrested on saturday with several volunteers at the start in Trafalgar Square London, in protest of the imminent coronation of Carlos III. Chief Executive of the Republic Graham Smithand five other volunteers were handed over to the police during preparations From the protest he called for, among others, the coalition of European republican movements, whose sympathizers began to arrive in the square with Yellow flags and shirts To protest against celebration and the British monarchy.

“They were picking up the signs and taking them away when the police stopped them,” he said. guardian Republic Director Harry Stratton. “We asked why they were arrested but they didn’t give us an answer. We were surprised because we had several meetings with the police about this.” The British police had already come forward on their Twitter account that they would show “A Low toleranceWhoever tried “undermine” today’s events.

Up to 2,000 demonstrators

Up to 2,000 demonstrators, including representatives of the Swedish, Dutch and Norwegian republican movements, are expected to congregate below Nelson’s Column this afternoon to protest the coronation of the new British monarch.

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