They added two dogs in heat to the operation to find Wilson, the “hero” of Columbia’s miracle rescue

Bogota. – two weeks ago Wilson He broke the leash that attached him to his guide and took off into the Colombian jungle on the trail of four lost children who eventually survived a small plane crash in Colombia. Children appeared But the dog’s whereabouts are unknown.

some 70 men in uniform accompanied by two dogs in heat Try to locate this Belgian Shepherd Malinois in the expanse of forest of Caqueta Province in southern Colombia.

Wilson, the Colombian rescue dog

“We are in the second phase of the operation, which consists of searching, finding and rescuing Wilson,” the armed forces general said. Pedro Sanchezwho oversaw Operation Hope, the research that led to Save the Children. “Although he is a dog, to us Wilson is a part commando of our team, one commando never leaving the other behind.”

Coaches in Bogotá hope you use them Hunting instinct to survive.

He is a very strong and well trained dog, which we are sure is still alivesaid Private Elvis Boras, a dog trainer at the School of Military Engineers, where Wilson trained.

Porras hopes this six-year-old Belgian Shepherd will “awaken his hunting instinct to survive,” after all he is “Down straight from the wolf.”

Original siblings Leslie (13), Solini (9), Tin Noriel (5) and Kristin (1) toured through 40 days in the same forest Before being discovered underweight and dehydrated last Friday.

During his recovery in the military hospital in Bogota, the older sisters drew a picture in which a dog appeared in the trees, next to a river and had Wilson’s name written in black.

A drawing of Wilson the dog drawn by the Colombian BoysTwitter

before the dog gets lost Direct the troops to key points of observation and decipher the path the children were taking. Details of Edgar Fontesha, another dog teacher at the school.

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The military and Aboriginal relatives doubt this Wilson was the first member of the research team to have contact with the brothers.

to get it back,”We got two dogs into heat (in the woods). Wilson is neutral, however, hopefully his instincts will kick in and he will go for the bitches,” General Sanchez explains.

#VamosPorWilson, #FaltaUno, #WilsonHeroeNacional are some of the hashtags To which the users of social networks are crying out for the return of the dog.

Wilson, stronger than “garbage W”– So named because all the puppies were baptized with names starting with that letter – He trained for 14 months at the School of Military Engineers, located in the southeast of the capital.

The dog we were looking for was: Strong, not afraid, very curiousFontecha recalls.

barely 60 dogs are trained here To detect explosives or narcotics, perform rescue operations under collapsed buildings or track people on humanitarian missions, these are Wilson’s purview.

Wilson, the rescue dog who went missing in Operation Hope, after the brothers find a pair of scissors

These types of dogs are trained in pairs, where they are assigned one military “mentor” who accompanies them throughout their lives in various operations. Christian David Lara, Wilson’s duo, is still in the woods trying to find him.

According to Fontecha, “It is said that the dog broke the rope” that bound him to Lara and “began to do something to him, to follow in his footsteps.” From minors until lost.

Suddenly “the desire to strike and find and pursue his target” played a trick on him, Porras speculates.

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For his part, Gen. Sanchez says it is “not very common” to see this behavior in military dogs.

Uniform trusts – just like children – Wilson will avoid pythons, pumas, jaguars and other predators that prowl the area.

Wilson puppyColombian military forces

UlyssesAnother Belgian shepherd involved in the search for the children had to be taken out of the woods because his skin was allergic to mosquito bites and he began vomiting, according to Wilmar Miranda, one of the commandos present in the rescue operations.

“Ulysses of Urban Things, Disasters, and Falling Buildings”He said.

But Wilson is specially trained in this terrain and locating missing persons. “The dog, who was trained to track, was equipped at this location and then put into action what it knew,” the military said in a written statement.

Sadness invades me. Knowing that he is the son of the house and that he is the only one who was unable to leave the area after such a good result, ”soldier Boras regrets.

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