They ordered the urgent evacuation of a Brazilian municipality after a dam collapsed due to heavy rains


December 26, 2021 17:38 GMT

The stormy weather that hit the south of the Latin American country killed 17 people and left some 3,700 people homeless.

Itampe city council in Bahia state (Brazil) has ordered the urgent evacuation of its residents – about 23,000 people – after a dam collapsed on Saturday due to heavy rain, according to a newspaper. Release Posted on his official Instagram account.

The text reads, “A dam with a large amount of water has been broken and a strong flood will affect the Itambe municipality from moment to moment.” “All residents must urgently leave the banks of the Viruga,” he adds.

in a publishing Later, the local authorities indicated that the firefighters went to the main areas affected by the floods and rescued many families in the areas near the town.

Likewise, it was detailed that the State Civil Defense had sent humanitarian aid to the area, including food and mattresses. “It’s time for solidarityand work and alliances to provide assistance to affected families.”

as local mediaHeavy rains that hit the south of the Latin American country have killed 17 people and displaced about 3,700. Currently, 66 cities are in a state of emergency.

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