Spotify creates “Your Offline Mixes” to listen to playlists when there’s no internet connection

Offline playlists are still in testing and may be updated soon. (Reuters/Dado Rovic)

“Your mix without communicationThe name will be A Play list Created automatically by Spotify which will allow access to songs He was recently heard on the platform.

Unlike the “Download Songs” function for availability without communication manually performed by each user, this new feature will include the ability to Spotify to download a file songs from the playlist automatically in the device’s memory.

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According to the CEO of the company SpotifyAnd Daniel Eckwho announced this new feature on his official account at TwitterThis property will include the moments when the user is flying in as well as the status of those who have access to a file Subscription.

Spotify offline playlist is a compilation of the most recently played songs. (Twitter: Daniel Ek/@eldsjal)

for now, Spotify The service has not been officially launched and is still under development, so the scope that this feature could include in basic aspects such as the number of songs that will be included in the list, and the amount of additional storage on the phone or tablet that the service will consume, is not yet known. to requesthow often the embedded themes will be updated, among other data.

The release date of this feature is still unknown, but it is expected to come soon. United State during the year 2023.

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Another function that is developed and active in the app is creating playlists More personalized, since its generation can depend on the state of mind of the users.

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according to SpotifyThese will include different groups activities or experiences they develop.

Spotify personalized text playlists. (Tech Crunch)

Simply indicate what you are feeling or doing and add the word “mixedFinally to start creating the playlist.

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Some examples are “getting up nice in the morning”, “going for a run at night”, “walking in the rain” or whatever else might happen to you when doing an activity. The intention is for each person to be able to find the list they are closest to musical experiment that you want to receive.

The statement states, “Through this feature, we will be giving our listeners access to thousands of mixes exclusive to them based on what they can think of.” Publishing The official post on the Spotify page. “Maybe creative. The more groups you search, the more music you can discover.”

The platform indicated that each mix created would not only include a particular musical genre, but would be varied to encourage exploration and finding new artists.

the to request Note that this feature is only available to registered users Outstanding service And the only language it supports is English. New languages ​​may have access to this feature in the future and it will expand to other languages ​​such as Portuguese and Spanish.

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