The World Health Organization has published a new report on infections and deaths from COVID-19: Europe is the only continent that continues to increase


Europe has reported a 5% increase in deaths from COVID-19 in the past week, while the number of deaths on the rest of the continents has remained stable or decreased.According to the latest epidemiological report from the World Health Organization, published on Wednesday.

In America, deaths from this cause decreased by 3%., in the Western Pacific – which includes China – 5% and in the Eastern Mediterranean 14%.

In South and East Asia – including India – deaths in the context of the epidemic increased by 1%, and by 3% in Africa.

Globally, there have been an additional 50,000 deathsAccording to notifications from all countries that receive the World Health Organization, the number has remained constant.

Diagrams of our world in data show how it’s done Europe maintains a rising curve in new cases and new deaths per million

The number of infections has increased by 6% globally. By region, the increase was 8% in Europe and America, while there was a file 33% fewer cases were reported from Africa.

The number of infections around the world rises to 252 million In the 23 months since the virus began spreading intensely in China.

in Europe, The incidence of cases per 100,000 residents was much higher (230) from any other region. In America it was 74 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Caring for a COVID-19 patient at Bucharest University Hospital, on November 4.  EFE / EPA / ROBERT GHEMENT
Caring for a COVID-19 patient at Bucharest University Hospital, on November 4. EFE / EPA / ROBERT GHEMENT

The countries with the highest number of cases in the past week were United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and Turkey.

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this wednesday, Germany and Norway recorded the maximum number of coronavirus infections, with 52,826 and 2,552 cases recorded in the past 24 hours, respectively.. What is more, Russia reported 36,626 new infections.

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