The Women’s Secretariat and the Undersecretary of Social Medicine met with the senators

Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Diversity, Etty Carricksocial medicine agent, Gabriela Dorigatoand Materno Infancia Director Patricia Leal met with Senators Manuel Beller, Carlos Kite Russo, Daniel Nolasco, Sonia Magno, and Carlos Ampuero, respectively, to discuss both organizations’ views on the bill urging the creation of inclusive boards in health institutions that Provides care for pregnant women, based on the accession of third parties from non-governmental organizations and community associations.

Noting that the county has had comprehensive boards for many years, Dorigato explained: “It is a care model that is part of the population’s sexual and reproductive health care processes, that accompany different stages, including pregnancy, and that it is conducted by health professionals, in a multidisciplinary manner. In addition In addition, it is part of the assistance circuits and flowcharts subject to the current regulations for the care of pregnant women.

“These boards provide multidisciplinary care by duly trained health professionals, supporting independent decision-making for the user based on updated, clear and timely information and with scientific validation, without any kind of interference, from a view subject to rights and in accordance with what is prescribed In Laws 27,610 and 27,611,” Carrick stressed.

Along these lines, the official in the health file indicated that the Ministry of Public Health in Salta had established, through Resolution 665, the guidelines for optimal prenatal control, taking into account a series of scheduled interviews or visits for pregnant women with members of health teams to monitor the development of pregnancy and obtain On adequate preparation for childbirth and fatherhood. He explained at the same time that the region has an inter-ministerial schedule for the Thousand Days Law through which it works on the correct implementation and fulfillment of this right.

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The Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Diversity stated that “it is dangerous to be included within health system institutions whose level of training we not only do not know, but also have specific goals and objectives that directly contradict current legislation that the state must respect and enforce.”

Legal advisors and technical teams of legislators also participated in the meeting.

The Women's Secretariat and the Undersecretary of Social Medicine met with the senators

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