Top five exercises to tone your abdominal muscles

The Belly It’s a muscle group that gets a lot of attention and of course there aren’t quite a few who care to work on it to make it look as aesthetic as possible.

Since to achieve this goal you have to train your stomach well, We’ll teach you the five best exercises you can do to tone your absSo that your training is as effective as possible.

Controlled by ballast

Although it does not seem, One of the abdominal functions in particular is to act as support and stabilize the muscles of the spine.

for a year Dominate Significant imbalance occurs, the abdomen must be activated a lot in order for the arms to make a movement that pulls the rest of the body. If we also add ballast, this effect will be further improved.

Hanging leg raises

Leg raises o Toes to a bar It is also able to significantly affect this group of muscles, although it is a difficult exercise and relatively difficult to do well.

To carry it out correctly, plus the fact that the knees should not be fully extended, We must start the movement from the point where the hip is at 90 degrees from flexion, This is; When the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Abdominal wheel

The Abdominal wheelBoth standing and kneeling are performed, and it is a very effective exercise to stimulate the abdominal muscles, although if it is performed standing up, the recruitment of the external oblique fibers is much higher.

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If you have problems with movement in the shoulder or lower back and this causes you pain, it is recommended that you abstain from doing this exercise.But if not, remember to do the shoulder stretching and pelvic reflux to increase abdominal work.

Plates with offset

The Plates The front end is a very simple and effective exercise at the same time, but it could still become more effective if we included some surfaces that we can rest our feet on that allow us to move our joints and increase instability, like a towel for example.

This type of planks has a greater force transfer to other exercises of a more universal nature. With a higher demand for the belly like Squatting.

Crunch and soccer

Although working on unstable platforms can reduce the ability of different muscle groups to exert strength, a soccer ball exercise is able to revitalize the abdomen more than Classic crunch.

To implement it correctly Try to exhale during the concentric phase activating the transverse abdomen And you’re always striving for the greatest possible range of motion.

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