The US is investigating Tesla over a secret project that could be used for Musk’s personal use

And the US Department of Justice opened an investigation into the use of Tesla funds To fund a project that could be the residence of its CEO, Elon Muskaccording to the newspaper The Wall Street Journalwhich cites anonymous sources.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will also investigate the case, although the newspaper notes that both investigations are in the preliminary stage and may end up nowhere.

The project in question, known internally as “Project 42”, It included building a large glass area In Austin, Texas, where Musk moved Tesla’s headquarters in December 2021.

The electric car company’s board of directors had already investigated in July whether funds were used inappropriately, and whether Musk himself was involved in planning the project, although its conclusions have not been made public.

according to The Wall Street JournalIt started when several employees questioned the use of a special type of glass purchased by the company for several million dollars.

SEC rules state that public companies Transactions over $120,000 USD must be reported In which any of its executive directors may have a material interest.

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