Canada needs more than a million immigrants

By: Jose Rolando Sarmiento Rosales

We have known for many years that there is a program in place in Canada to receive immigrants, with which many Hondurans have been able to apply to legally reside and work in that North American country, with the only limitation of not having an embassy in Tegucigalpa, but instead, going To the approved center in the capital of Guatemala, where applications for those interested in immigration and residence in Canadian territory are received and processed. A testament to this are the young relatives of ours, who live in San Pedro Sula, who obtained this advantage by proving that they were in one of its provinces, where they had the opportunity to learn or improve their knowledge of the English language, training for work, and receiving the necessary support from the government for housing and food while they could work, their children born there today enjoying all the perks of their citizenship, with excellent plans in health, education, housing and employment. We say this in response to the information we receive about the existence of its development needs, which consist in the possibility of accepting 1.4 million new immigrants, which is an opportunity for thousands of our citizens.

“Look, it’s simple: we need more people.” With these words, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser revealed plans to take in nearly 1.4 million immigrants over the next three years. According to Fraser’s announcement, Canada expects to receive 465,000 new permanent residents in 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and reach 500,000 by 2025. This is an increase of about 13% from the initial targets the Canadian government had. What is the required points program for thousands of Latinos seeking to live and work in Canada. For them, the main goal of the measure is to reduce the labor gap that now exists in the country, as tens of thousands of available jobs have not been filled. What is the required points program for thousands of Latinos seeking to live and work in Canada. “The immigration plan will help companies find the workers they need,” Fraser said. One of the main reasons behind the new opening is that the vacancies created during the covid-19 pandemic are not being filled again.

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The numbers in this sense are contradictory in Canada: while they record a total of 950,000 vacancies in various sectors, there are also a million unemployed. The gap is created because most of them do not have the tools or skills to fill those vacancies or, as it happens in some areas, they do not live in the areas where they need workers at the moment. In addition to this phenomenon, as indicated by the government, it is also added that more and more Canadian citizens are retiring from their jobs, which has created a void that could not be filled. In addition, this program also seeks to increase the resettlement of refugees who are currently dependent on government assistance. But who are the people the Canadian government is looking for? Health sector, software and restaurants. This isn’t the first time Canada has opened its borders to attract more immigrants, but it’s the first time this has been done on such a scale. “Canadians understand the need to increase our population if we are to meet workforce needs, if we are to counterbalance a worrisome demographic trend and continue to reunite families,” Fraser said while presenting the new plan.

Although the government has indicated that the shortage of skilled labor affects all sectors of the Canadian economy, figures from government analyzes indicate that one of the sectors most affected is the provision of medical services. This sector is followed by construction, manufacturing, hotels, and tourism, which includes restaurants. According to Fraser, Canada has about three workers for every retired citizen, so goals of so-called “economic migration” are a priority. “We need more workers in all sectors in all regions of the country, no matter if they are frontline healthcare workers, truck drivers, home builders, or software engineers,” he said. The main goal of the plan is to increase the workforce as many Canadians have retired in recent years. Such is the need that although Canada’s Conservative Party, which opposes Justin Trudeau’s government, criticized the announced decision this week, it accepted the need to open the immigration door. Honduras: Check, inform yourself and immediately apply to legally immigrate to Canada.

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