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According to a recent report, Lawmakers and staff in the US House of Representatives have been warned not to use it chat by OpenAIAccording to an internal memo he sent to the members Axios obtained.

Rather than ban it outright, however, General Manager Kathryn L. Szbindor appears All House members are required to use ChatGPT only when dealing with non-sensitive dataaccording to slush gear.

Recently, an OpenAI bug forced ChatGPT to shut down briefly because it leaked sensitive user data, including email addresses and financial information, along with their conversations with the AI.

The United States may not be the only country to put safeguards in place when it comes to the use of AI bots if this is true.Especially by government employees.

in April, Italy ChatGPT was banned due to data security risks following an order from Italy’s data protection watchdog that OpenAI must stop processing data of Italian citizens following a breach. China, Russia, Iran and Cuba They are among other countries that have also banned ChatGPT due to similar concerns.

Companies also launch actions by ChatGPT

While the guidance allegedly sent to members of the House of Representatives is a first for government employees, many tech companies have already taken precautionary measures. According to reports, a.Apple banned employees from using ChatGPT and other AI software Because it may lead to leakage of confidential information. JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, and Amazon are also on the list of companies opposing ChatGPT.

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As mentioned above, the so-called house note does not impose a blanket ban on ChatGPT, but it does make it clear They should only be used for the “Research and Evaluation” experiment.. Of course, room members are strictly prohibited from including ChatGPT in their daily work.

Employees were reportedly required to only use the AI ​​bot after enabling privacy settings, so that none of their data is used to train LLM (Large Language Forms) powered by ChatGPT.

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