The United States praised Miley's economic reforms, but warned that “there are barriers.”

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In a new sign of good agreement between the government Joe Biden with Javier Miley, The United States praised the economic reforms implemented by Argentina on condition “They generate optimism” Although he warned that among American companies think so “A legal and regulatory framework that provides a predictable investment climate.” They noted that “there are still barriers” to be overcome for more investments to come.

Definitions of this stage are in Bilateral relations between Washington and Buenos Aires I have provided them Chargé d'Affaires of the United States Embassy, ​​Abigail Dressel, Which highlighted the memorandum of understanding recently signed by Argentina and the United States, which establishes relations between the two countries “At the highest level of cooperation.”

Chargé d'Affaires Dressel and Ambassador Stanley

North American diplomat who is currently serving as ambassador on a temporary absence Mark Stanley He said in Buenos Aires:“When you talk to American companies, you feel like they are seeing positive progress in Argentina.” But he also talked about the presence of “some obstacles and barriers” such as the exchange rate that “foreign companies want to raise. This is clearly an obstacle,” he said.

Naval base and high-level memorandum

Dressel spoke at a conference she organized Center for American Studies (CEA) led by Luis Savinowhere also She rejected the idea of ​​Washington building a joint naval base with Argentina at Tierra del Fuego Although he did not hide the “geopolitical interest” of the United States in this project based on future trade and tourism in North America.

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Thus, the North American official recalled the visit of the head of the Southern Command, General Laura Richardson to Ushuaia with President Miley. The US embassy's charge d'affaires simply said: “We are considered a very strategic and very important region, so we are cooperating on several things in this area.”

“In the coming weeks We will launch the high-level dialogue concluded by Secretary of State Diana Mondino and Anthony Blinken a few days ago. Although relations between Argentina and the United States reflect our strong and growing relationship on a wide range of issues such as respect for democracy, human rights, stability and economic growth, Dressel said. He did not provide details on whether this meant an early meeting between Presidents Miley and Biden.

Dressel spoke at a conference organized by CEA's Luis Savino

In the area of ​​defense relations, Dressel highlighted the Miley government's purchase of US F-16 supersonic aircraft since then, based on Washington's understanding that this “It represents a great step to modernize the Argentine Armed Forces and helps increase interoperability with the major democracies of NATO.”

Dressel did not avoid other thorny issues, such as regional conflicts Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. Thus, he chose Miley's government in his battle to defend democratic values ​​there.

Investments and Ukraine

In the field of futures investments, the American diplomat mentioned The Washington-sponsored project of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Forum. “Responsible investment in critical minerals, such as the Arcadia lithium project in Gogwe, embodies opportunities for mutually beneficial economic cooperation,” he said.

In this sense, Dressel mentioned the work that the North American Embassy is doing with Governors and mayors in Argentina to promote greater cooperation between the two countries.

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The US Chargé d'Affairs also praised the position Miley's government questions Russian invasion of Ukraine He said that Washington and Buenos Aires have a common function because of the situation the Ukrainians are experiencing.

In this same line of understanding When introducing Dressel, Savino stated that “never before in the history of bilateral relations between the United States and Argentina have witnessed such profound intensity.” Like what happens these days

he The CEA President also highlighted the relaunch of relations Bilateral relations in the Miley era, and he was confident that this close association with the United States “will help to further the development of Argentina because it is an opportunity.”

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