FIFA revealed the logo of the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada | The #Somos26 campaign has been launched

the FIFA New Wednesday night unveiling Logo next time World Cup 2026 to be held in United States, Mexico and Canada. “The timeless concept combines the image of the FIFA World Cup and the year in which the tournament will be held,” explained the entity that governs football.

During a ceremony held at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and attended by the FIFA President, Gianni InfantinoBrazilian star Ronaldotwo-time world champions, FIFA executives and host countries celebrated the official brand launch of the upcoming ecumenical event.

#WeAre26, the official campaign for the 2026 World Cup between the United States, Mexico and Canada

The event also served as publicity for the campaign “#WeAre26” (#Somos 26), which encourages people, municipalities and communities to actively participate in presenting the official World Cup branding.

The campaign includes photos and images of important World Cup venues, which capture the essence of what awaits fans in 2026 and invites the world to be a part of it, FIFA reports.

“#Somos26 is a rallying cry,” said Infantino. It is a moment when three countries and an entire continent collectively say: ‘We are united as one to welcome the world and Introducing the biggest, best and most comprehensive FIFA World Cup everNote.

What does the logo of the World Cup USA, Mexico and Canada 2026 mean?

The eternal concept Combines the FIFA World Cup image with the year in which the competition will be helddescribes soccer’s parent entity in its statement.

In this sense, they highlight that for the first time in history, the image of the cup is displayed along with the year in which the competition is held with an innovative design that will enhance the logo of the cup for the year 2026 and the years to come.

They note that the image with the trophy and the year allows the brand to be customized to reflect the uniqueness of each venue, while creating a structure recognizable today and in the future.

World Cup 2026 in the USA, Canada and Mexico: why you will play with 48 teams

in 2017, FIFA has proven that from the 2026 World Cup you will play with the selection of 48a record that has undergone changes since the first competition in Uruguay in 1930, in which only 13 teams participated.

In this way, the new format would be 16 groups with three teams. The top two places will advance to the Round of 16 and, from then on, a single match qualifier. 80 matches will be played – 64 is the current record – in the 32 days of competition.

Since the first World Cup was held in Uruguay, FIFA intended for more and more teams to compete in the big event. From Italy 1934 to Germany 1974, they sought to maintain the quota of the 16 selected. The first official increase in the number of World Cup participants was in 1982, when it went from 16 to 24. By then, FIFA had increased its number of teams to 109, nearly 100 from more than 50 years earlier.

After the 2002 World Cups in Japan and Korea, FIFA included more than 200 countries for the first time. currentlyAnd There are 211 affiliated teams. With the definition of the 48 teamsAnd The organization guarantees the participation of nearly a quarter of its affiliated countries (22 percent) in the World Cup. Likewise, this decision not only benefits international sports, but also a large number of companies and economic sectors.

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