The reason why the UK advises against traveling to Spain this summer

As summer approaches, many people around the world are looking forward. Spain. There are few places on the planet to enjoy it here. Our country is a land that lives and thrives on tourism, especially the beach areas known for their good climate and numerous entertainment opportunities.

If there is a tourism sector that visits our coasts with particular frequency, it is the British. It is rare to go to a coastal town or city and not find someone from… United kingdom. What is truly paradoxical is that they are also the most critical of our towns and cities.

This is what the media did recently The IndependentHe prepared a complete report to analyze the tourist season in Spain. An action that has resulted in a series of negative conclusions for our country and that could have an adverse impact this summer on the revenues obtained after months of tourists collapsing our streets, beaches and entertainment areas.

What does the UK think about tourism in Spain?

Spain is going through a complex problem: The arrival of large numbers of tourists. This is a situation that mainly affects areas such as: Balearic Islands And Canary Islands. This not only causes complications on the streets or in entertainment venues, but also leads to higher housing prices in these areas.

Cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Valencia are also victims of this problem. Apartments and apartments in more interesting areas cost more and more because people from abroad can pay what Spaniards cannot.. The group of tourists that perform best in our country are those that come from the United Kingdom.

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In reality, In 2023 alone, more than 17 million British tourists will arrive. A number that will be surpassed in 2024. Now, the average e.g The Independent Prepared a report to analyze the tourism situation in Spain. A country that sees its economy grow at the expense of affording certain things.

Tourism is considered one of the country's economic engines, although it is not immune to controversy, as the expert explains. Angel TalaveraHead of the Department of European Economics at Oxford University of Economics. With tourism, services grow and jobs grow. This situation occurs because this tourism is “too cheap”.

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The statement also supports Antonio Catalan, President of AC Hotels. The chain that owns Marriott claims this Your company's hotels have received this year An increase of 17% in the number of foreign tourists That last. They also spent 27% more due to the increase in room rates which, among other factors, caused general inflation in the euro area.

The fact that Spain has such cheap tourism makes it receive criticism from the UKBecause they blame this factor, and the state itself, for its inflation. “The have “Too many customers” This report notes that this anomaly does not only occur in the summer, but occurs throughout the year.

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Spending by foreign tourists increased by 27% in the first quarter of this year compared to 2023. Moreover, the experts consulted consider this system unsustainable. Angel Talavera states in the article that tourism “cannot grow at this rate permanently, nor can public spending continue its expansion.”

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Thus, based on the conclusions of this small study, it is certain that the main problem of tourism in Spain, which is overpopulation, is caused by low prices. This leads to too many customers, worse service for all of them, and a series of bad decisions that lead to chaos and disruption.

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