The UK has installed its first AI traffic “radar”. This is terrible news for lawbreakers

Radars, traffic lights cameras, cameras capable of detecting if you’re wearing a seatbelt or not, and the next hop: cameras that use artificial intelligence to check if you’ve committed any crime behind the wheel.

One of the busiest roads in the UK is starting to roll out this technology. Results? Approximately 300 fine in the first three days of operation.

ticket machine. United kingdom And it has been implemented For the first time a road safety camera that uses artificial intelligence to check whether drivers who have been photographed have committed a crime. In the first three days of use, the data is more than amazing: 117 offenses related to mobile phones and 180 with seat belts.

In 2022, the first test with this technology will take place, which is a 15-day test with a system that will be carried out on different routes. In this two-week period, more than 600 crimes were exposed.

Ending camera restrictions: The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to get rid of the main limitations of radars and cameras. These are usually configured to identify a limited number of violations (speed cameras, red light cameras, etc.). On the contrary, this camera system takes the image and analyzes it using artificial intelligence, identifying the type of crime that was committed.

It is important to stress that, at least in this first phase of implementation, the images go through one final human filter before fines are issued. Despite this final examination, the camera helps classify crimes in a faster and more efficient way than the current method.

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This is only the beginning. This is the first of several cameras the UK wants to install along its roads. The aim is to monitor the country’s busiest roads, and the Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Road Safety Officer explains: “We’re using this new technology to send a clear message to anyone who continues to use their phone behind the wheel: you’re going to be arrested.”

The project is part of the plan Zero vision London, action plan by the United Kingdom to ensure safety in transport networks and reduce accidents.

And what about Spain?. DGT is not far from the UK proposal. There are currently more than 200 cameras on the national territory capable of penalizing us for using a cellphone or not wearing a seatbelt.

These images are sent to an automated complaint processing center, where the software analyzes the images and filters out images that may result in a penalty. These images are manually reviewed by a human who is responsible for checking whether or not there is a crime.

To this must be added the special control that the DGT has in Spain with other offenses, such as speeding. In 2023, the number of mobile speed cameras on roads has increased by at least 70, and the commitment to cascading radars capable of detecting if we’ve braked in front of the radar is growing. AI has not yet appeared in our country, although DGT does not seem to need it very much.

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