The trick to opening two WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone

It is possible to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time and on the same mobile phone. (Goal)

WhatsApp is a popular Meta instant messaging app that works for both people and businesses, and many use it for both options, although this can be a problem if you want to do it from the same app on the iPhone.

Luckily, There is a trick for those who want to manage two accounts On the same device, a function that already exists in the Android version, but has not yet officially arrived on iOS.

This multi-account mode allows you to switch between one account and another without having to close any of them To log in to the other. Although it is not currently available for Apple devices, there is a way to do this management.

The trick to using two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone. (EFE/Marcelo Sayao)

The solution for Apple users who need to run a personal account and a business account on their iPhones Includes use of WhatsApp Businessan application designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses.

Download WhatsApp Business from the iOS Store and configure it with the phone number. It allows users to separate their business communications from personal communications Without having to carry two devices.

WhatsApp Business is an application specially designed to meet the needs of businesses. (Goal)

Not only this method It makes it easy to manage business conversations and potential clientsbut it also provides the ability to backup and transfer chats between the commercial version and the traditional versions, ensuring smooth and organized communication.

On Android, there is the option to have multiple WhatsApp accounts. (Goal)

On Android devices, you can log in with two WhatsApp accounts It's more direct It does not require downloading an additional application.

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In fact, to make this configuration A second phone number and SIM card are requiredOr a phone that accepts multiple SIM cards or eSIM. Then, to activate multi-account mode, you need to:

  • open the Configuration option Via WhatsApp.
  • Do Click on the arrow next to the username.
  • He chooses Add an accountHere you can control privacy settings and notifications on each account.

strongly recommended Always use the official WhatsApp app only And do not download imitations or fake ones in order to get more accounts on your phone. Let's remember that messages are safe and private because they are protected with end-to-end encryption, only when using Meta's proprietary application.

WhatsApp is constantly taking measures to ensure the security and safety of its community. (AP Photo/Patrick Sisson)

WhatsApp is taking strict action against those users who Violate their terms of serviceThis is with the aim of protecting the security and privacy of its community.

Among the main reasons for suspension is Use of unauthorized third-party applications Through the platform, because these applications may contain malware or viruses, which exposes users to security risks.

In addition, the company is actively working to combat the spread Fraudulent messages and false promotions That seek to trick users into installing malware or revealing sensitive personal information. This type of behavior directly violates WhatsApp's Terms of Service, resulting in penalties that may include temporary or permanent suspension of the accounts in question.

On the other side, Data extraction without consent This is another practice prohibited by WhatsApp, because it violates users' privacy by obtaining information such as phone numbers, personal photos, and statuses automatically and on a large scale. This type of activity is strictly regulated and monitored by WhatsApp to prevent violation of its policies.

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Finally, WhatsApp groups with Names that suggest or promote illegal or inappropriate content They are also subject to review and possible disciplinary action. A clear example of this is a group with a title that includes terms suggestive of illegal or exploitative activities, which could lead to the suspension of not only the administrator but also all participating members.

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