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WhatsApp has been working for months on a feature that brings it closer to other platforms: reactions to a message. Instead of answering “Okay,” you can give your thumbs up to the chat, for example. But in a group chat with multiple reactions, notifications can get annoying.

Meta Messages is testing a new configuration, to be able to activate or deactivate notifications for reactions to a message we send. Discovered by WABetaInfo leak experts in iOS test version.

In version, it was possible to see that the platform offers to activate or deactivate feedback notifications, for both group and individual chats.

WhatsApp: Reactions with emojis for messages

WhatsApp is working to be the next messaging app to have reactions to messages, as reported by the portal that specializes in platform leaks, WABetaInfo, through references to the functionality in the code for beta versions of the app.

Feedback allows users to express through a series of emojis what a post means to them. For many, it can be a good option to avoid writing a response: If someone sends “Shall we make a barbecue?” You can put a smiley face or a thumb directly.

Although it was initially unknown how the reactions would be implemented, WABetaInfo has now shared an image showing its appearance in this service, where it is seen that the reactions will appear below the text or file shared in a conversation.

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