The third edition of the Social Business Meeting in Concepción generates $7.8 million in business intent

With the participation of 41 businessmen from the United States, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia, as well as indigenous peoples, the Social Business Meeting It managed to close $7.8 million in commercial intent. The event was held within the framework of the Forest Fair organized by the Bolivian Chamber of Forestry and the Municipal Government of Concepción.

Jorge Avila, Director General of the Bolivian Chamber of Forestry (CFB) The meeting was a success and highlighted the participation of producers from the region, national businessmen and international, sawmills, lumber producers, carpenters and indigenous communities.

during the working day A total of 412 work appointments were made face to face and virtually, with the aim of presenting their products and services.

The event, in its third edition, took place on Friday, July 21, at the Concepción Social Club within the framework of the forest fair “Chiquitania 2023”, organized by the Bolivian Chamber of Forestry in coordination with the Municipal Government of Concepción, which takes place from July 21 to 23 in the Coliseum in District 4 of the Municipality of Concepción.

“Our main task is to understand the value of forests, because if they do not produce an economy, they do not generate benefits, they are a forest that is generally doomed to disappear and be replaced by deforestation. So you Are the conservation strategies that we are implementing even the forests “They are always considered and protected so that they continue to provide us with economic, social and environmental benefits for current and future generations,” Avila said.

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Claudio Borques, Director of Casa Borques in Chile, noted that he has made several very interesting contacts to his company dedicated to the timber export business.

We have spoken with several businessmen who have been very pleased with our work. This kind of activity is very good for encouraging people from all over Bolivia With potential to do very good business,” he said.

For her part, Lindsay Téllez, Operations Manager of Biotope, who arrived from La Paz, noted that the meeting was very satisfying as she met people with small businesses dedicated to making products by recycling wood waste, which is not used in industrial processes.

“We have been able to find entrepreneurs and those who recycle wood that we will support. These kinds of proposals are important to be able to support small businesses in the communities.s,” Tellez said.

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