The Swedish embassy in Iraq was set on fire during a demonstration organized by followers of a religious leader

the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad During a demonstration organized by supporters of A Iraqi religious leader eve Public burning of the Koran In the Scandinavian country, according to what was confirmed by the correspondent of the news agency France Press agency.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this All of its personnel are in Iraq “safe”.

We are aware of the situation. Our embassy staff (in Iraq) are safe and the ministry is in regular contact with them“, pointed out.

Iraqi authorities are responsible for protecting diplomatic missions and their personnelThe ministry added that the attacks on embassies and diplomats “constitute a Serious violation of the Vienna Convention“.

Dozens gathered around the embassy, ​​where a column of smoke rose, while riot police deployed in the area in an attempt to control the situation.

We did not wait until morning, at dawn we broke through and set fire to the Swedish embassyL. said France Press agency one of the demonstrators.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered around the embassy, ​​where a column of smoke rose, while riot police deployed in the area to try to control the situation. (Reuters)

Some videos on social media showed protesters outside the Swedish embassy waving flags and banners depicting the influential Iraqi cleric and political leader. Muqtada al-Sadr.

Other photos showed a group of men inside what appeared to be a room for the Swedish representation on Iraqi territory.

he Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning the attack.

The Swedish embassy in Iraq was set on fire during a demonstration organized by followers of a religious leader. (Reuters)

The Iraqi government issued instructions to the security authorities to conduct an urgent investigation and take the necessary measures to identify the perpetrators of this act.‘, the text reads.

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The attack on the diplomatic compound took place after Swedish police He authorized a protest on Thursday in front of Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Stockholm, Where the organizers plan Burning a copy of the Qur’an And the Iraqi flag.

The right to public demonstration is enshrined in Sweden and protected by the constitution. Blasphemy laws were suspended in the 1970s.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that all its employees in Iraq are “safe”. (Reuters)

Swedish media reported it Sloane Momicaan Iraqi refugee in Sweden, had organized the event.

We have mobilized to denounce the fact of burning the Qur’an, which is nothing more than love and faithL. said France Press agency Hassan Ahmed. “We call on the Swedish government and the Iraqi government to stop these kinds of initiatives“.

Silwan burned some pages of the Qur’an in front of the largest mosque in Stockholm June 28th during Eid al-AdhaIt is a holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

This incident led supporters Muqtada al-Sadr An influential religious leader and political dissident in Iraqto storm the Swedish embassy in Baghdad the next day.

This type of burning of holy books has already taken place in Sweden and other European countries, sometimes at the initiative of far-right movements. In the past, they have caused demonstrations and diplomatic tensions.

The attack on the diplomatic compound comes after Swedish police allowed a demonstration Thursday outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm, where organizers plan to burn a copy of the Quran and the Iraqi flag. (Reuters)

On July 14, Israel protested the permission it had been granted Swedish authorities To burn the Torah (the sacred text of Judaism) and the Bible in front of The Israeli Embassy in StockholmAfter the uproar and discontent caused by the burning of a copy of the Koran in June.

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I categorically condemn the permission granted in Sweden to burn sacred books. Allowing sacred texts to be distorted is not an exercise in freedom of expression, but rather a blatant incitement and an act of pure hate.Israeli President Isaac Herzog said in a statement.

I have denounced the burning of the Holy Qur’an of Muslims all over the world, and now I am saddened that the same fate awaits the Jewish Bible, the eternal book of the Jewish people.“, he added.

Asked by the Israeli ambassador to Sweden, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said, “The burning of the Torah scroll is a hate crime, a provocation, and grave harm to the Jewish people and Jewish traditions.” Fake Nebo ColemanActing “in every way necessary to prevent this shameful incident”.

(With information from EFE, AFP and The Associated Press)

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