The sky is falling! Louis Tomlinson’s concert canceled due to weather

Louis Tomlinson He is known for being undoubtedly one of the singers who has the greatest affection and concern for his fans. Unfortunately One of his concerts in the United States was canceled due to a huge hailstormwhich left more than 100 wounded and about 7 people taken to the emergency room.

The concert will be held at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. But because of the storms in Denver, large balls of ice began to fall.

People immediately ran to hide and seek shelter to protect themselves from the terrible weather. Various videos of some fans have been posted on social media, showing how they ended up with bruises all over their bodies, as a result of the cold.

Place assistants and entertainers were quick to help direct people to safe areas. Unfortunately the party didn’t take place and they were sad that they didn’t get to see the British singer they love so much.

After what happened, Lewis posted a message on Instagram and Twitter showing his sadness at not carrying out his expected show and repeating to his fans not to worry about their tickets, as he will do everything in his power to schedule another concert.

Once the singer raised the prices of one of his concerts and the fans told him that it was too expensive for the vast majority and that he could do something.

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The singer moved heaven and earth to lower prices and leave them in an accessible form so that everyone who wanted could come to his concert.

This year he is doing his headlining tour Faith in the Future World Tour In the United States, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and more countries. Mexican fans do not lose hope that Luis will set foot on Mexican soil again.

(with information from social networks)

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