The simple Harvard-recommended muscle-strengthening exercise: You just need a chair

despite of Gyms are very trendy They provide all kinds of exercises, those who really want to train do not need to pay fees or leave their homes. According to a Harvard University study, You can maintain a toned body working from home, And only one chair.

How to return to physical exercise after an injury

In this new edition of “Feel Good,” Pedro Labattaglia tells you everything you need to know when it comes to training again after an injury.

Julie Corliss, executive editor of the Harvard Heart Letter, published an article about Benefits of strength training. The most surprising thing is that he recommends one in particular, which we do almost without realizing: Sit down and get up from a chair.

The expert points out that if we do this movement the necessary number of times, We will make great strides in our physical condition. According to the author, with this exercise The muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen work.

How to properly perform the Harvard-recommended exercise with a chair

  • Locate a sturdy, sturdy chair on a smooth surface
  • Sit with your feet hip-width apart
  • Take a deep breath while contracting your abdominal muscles.
  • Slowly stand up as you exhale, being careful not to push your torso forward
  • Repeat the movements accompanying the breath eight to ten times
  • Pause for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat the series again

The simple Harvard-recommended muscle-strengthening exercise: You just need a chair

There is an element that gives more or less intense exercise, According to the capacity of each one: the arms. Can beginners put them on the armrest of the chair, to assist in the upward movement. As your muscle tone improves, after a few days of exercise, you will notice that you no longer need to force your arms.

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Then they can Keep going forward. As the days go by and we gain confidence, we can Place your hands firmly on your thigh muscles. Those who are more fit and want to do the exercise with more resistance can cross their arms Putting hands on the chest.

Harvard exercise effect

In the gym, this action is known as “squatting”, Although it is done without the chair. According to athletic physical trainer Maya Rastalski, Engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Don’t just move Lower body, quadriceps and glutes: Also toned the central region, when Core muscles and hip flexors They help the back stay straight.

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