He survived a plane crash, a stranger helped him and gave her a gift that left her speechless

A week and a half after surviving a helicopter crash in Soledad (Atlantico), he has reappeared Karim Nader Abu Nabaa, also known as “Prince Karim”, is the son of an Arab oil tycoon. through their social networks, Share the gesture he made with a woman Help him crash the plane It took place on February 17 in the neighborhood of “El Porvenir”, in the metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla, Colombia.

The surprise was captured in a video he posted on his Instagram account and where the reaction of the young woman identified as Francesca LizardoWhen she saw the truck with her bow, the woman, seeing the car, replied, without leaving her amazement: “No, I can’t!”

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The gift he received from “Prince Karim”

“The most important thing about this incident is that I found out who my friends are. Francheska Lizardo helped me with 24 hours in Barranquilla and this is her first gift. The second is much more expensive than this. “I love you so much, good job,” Karim said. At the bottom of the post, he added: “More stuff to come. I’m going to give away homes and schools and a few other things“.

It must be remembered that the plane crash occurred in the afternoon, when the residents were on the eve Barranquilla Carnival. In addition to Karim Nader Abu Nabaa, two other people were injured and identified as Juan Antonio Reynoso Castro, from the Dominican Republic, and Juan Carlos Saenz Lozano, a retired pilot from the Colombian Air Force.

They were all on the helicopter Record Bell 206 HK-4750. They were helped by police uniforms and taken to a nearby care centre. The plane, which exploded moments after impact, belonged to Aerocesar and was chartered for an hour to fly over Barranquilla.

Last weekend, while still recovering from injuries, And Prince Karim narrated in a video clip what happened and the reasons for his stay in the capital of the Atlantic. I was in Barranquilla for Don Omar’s concert on Saturday February 18th. But I didn’t think my other trips would end so randomly. I was with Johnny F We thought it would be another normal fly-by to get to know Barranquilla from above“, pointed out.

Photo of the plane crash suffered by three menADPI

“Everything was normal, until about 6 minutes after takeoff, I saw that the RPM suddenly changed, the engine cut out, and I yelled to the pilot “autoplay,” referring to what he needed to do to make the landing. They were in free fall. but, It was the last we heard before the helicopter hit the groundnarrated.

Karim confirmed that the impact was very strong, but everyone on board was conscious. He crawled out and was later helped by the community. Fifteen seconds later, he estimated, the plane exploded. “Actually, the Aerocesar SAS 206 looked old,” he said, “I asked the pilot Juan Carlos Saenz Lozano how many flying hours he had, and he replied that it was more than five thousand, but I sat in the back.”

Karim confirmed that it should have been Transfer to New York For spine and foot surgeries. So, he noted, his lawyers are already working on suing the company for “lack of maintenance.”

“Prince Karim”, the son of an Arab businessman, is also known for his extravagant spendinginstagram

With what he could collect “from demand”, he would build a school or a sports center, as he promised.

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