The shooter shows the details in a new video

GSC Game World is sharing a new development trailer and promises an arsenal of over 30 weapons.

GSC Game World They participated, update, develop from Stalker 2, The long-awaited shooting video game to release exclusively for consoles Xbox Series X | S Lets us see in his latest video in detail what the modeling of characters looks like, paying special attention to their mouths, showing a tool Allocate the character’s last years.

“Literally everyone in STALKER 2 has a unique smile,” says Zakhar Boucharov, PR at GSC Game World, in this post posted on the official Xbox channels on YouTube. In the video you can see this in a more graphic way, showing how thanks to a tool they can remove the teeth of each character, replace them with crowns, etc.

There is clearly more content in this development update. Of the Ukrainian team dedicated a section of the conversation to explain the differences between the two factions that STALKER 2 players will face, Duty and freedom. They all have radically different goals in GSC Game World shooter, and these conflicting situations are also reflected in how they dress on the map. On the other hand, Boucharov explains that the adventure is still in development, so the details of the characters shown in the video may still be more accurate.

More than 30 weapons in STALKER 2

With all this, STALKER 2 is still a first-person shooter video game, which is why it is also important to dedicate a great deal to the look of guns we can find in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Thus Boucharov confirms that There will be an arsenal of 30 different weapons, Each one with its different modifications, further expanding the diversity.

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STALKER 2 comes to PC and Xbox Series X stores | S in the near future with the goal of introducing one of the largest open worlds yet, a unique, dangerous and ever-changing Chernobyl exclusion zone ravaged by radiation and rife with mutations and anomalies. Are fighting. STALKER 2 will be present at xbox digital event Focus on indie games he’s preparing for the day, although we don’t know if that is the case The materials they prepared for broadcasting.

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