The sexiest movie on Netflix is ​​science fiction and is considered to be Natalie Portman’s best performance

Undoubtedly, there are many people who, during their free time, decide to stay at home to watch a movie and have this recommendation Netflix It caused a stir among the users of the platform. In case you are looking for what do you see And you have not yet decided on the content that you will play, we recommend a movie starring Gemayel Natalie Portman Who embodies the main protagonist of the Annihilation movie.

Annihilation is a movie in which we can find Netflix Where super famous Natalie Portman Putting herself in the shoes of a female character named Lina, who is connected to the world of science, she will begin to experience some strange events in her personal life. For this reason, this movie is one of the most recommended choices from Netflix And if you like suspense and horror movies, this movie is an excellent choice. what do you see to pass the time.

Summary what do you see in Netflix About this movie starring Natalie Portman Annihilation Label informs us that: “Lina, a biologist and former soldier, joins the expedition searching for her husband, who has disappeared into a hard-to-reach area. As they explore the area, they find it populated by terrifying creatures, as beautiful as they are deadly.

Natalie Portman This isn’t the first time he’s played this type of character, like the one we see in this movie, which seems like an option. what do you see compulsively Netflix If suspense, horror, and horror are to your liking. In other films, the beautiful and famous actress has made her mark, showing tremendous versatility in participating in this type of cast, and in the case of Annihilation, her role is the protagonist and essential to the plot.

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In the event of extermination can determine your decision on what do you seeWe recommend that you turn it on Netflix Immediately several times ago and without prior notice, the platform is changing its catalog in a row and it is possible that this movie will be in a few weeks. Natalie Portman It is no longer available, so the ideal would be to watch the content before a possible replacement within the well-known platform.

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