The series that upset and disappointed Queen Elizabeth II

Much has been said about the late Queen Elizabeth II, either because of her age or her controversial relationship with Lady D.O Many series and movies that sought to portray his life And the legacy is the most important of them: the crown; It currently has four seasons on Netflix.

In this original production, Claire Foy, Olivia Colman and Imelda Staunton were responsible for giving life to the King of England, who was in 2017. She revealed that she “enjoyed” the seriesSince then, according to information from Sunday expressHis youngest son, Edward of Wessex, and his wife, Sophia Rhys-Jones, insisted that the Queen watch the series.

What did Elizabeth II think of the crown?

It seems that at the time, the UK King enjoyed producing a streaming giant, though Some of the events were considered dramatic the rest. In this regard, a source close to the king reported that Elizabeth II He was particularly disturbed by the way the series portrayed the relationship between Prince Philip and his son Charles.

Despite the drama that Helena Bonham Carter reiterated is not a documentary, many members of the royal family, including Princess Eugenia, have expressed their admiration for the series, not only at the level of script, but also for the photography and costumes. And a suitable soundtrack.

The power of entertainment

It is clear that the series was a success, Gaining 296 nominations in various awards and won 139 of them. As the number of viewers increases, VocalData (The data collection company) quickly conducted surveys on people’s perception of the British Crown, and although a third (35%) said their opinion had improved, what was worrying was that 23% said they had a bad impression.

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This increased with the fourth season premiere of The Crown in 2020, where Mrs. Dee and her fractious relationship with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were finally shown, with netizens constantly attacking Camilla in her social media posts.

Although the magazine Welcome! It is reported that King has become increasingly disappointed with the way recent seasons focus solely on family relationships, and it is unfortunate that she will not be able to see Season 5, which It is expected to hit the podium in November 2022. @all over the world

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