The preventive medicine app that helps control and improve health

decor It is a high-tech app that works like Health monitoring based on the principles of preventive medicine. It makes it easier for users to monitor and improve their health by analyzing their analytics, physical data and lifestyle. It was created by a board of directors made up of specialists in various fields of medicine, and advice is given by professional doctors.

The application digitizes and analyzes laboratory results, assesses the condition of all body systems, makes personalized recommendations, and displays relevant content. It also allows you to download and access your complete medical history from any mobile device. It is used by more than 2 million people around the world and is downloaded monthly by 100,000 new users. “The effectiveness and the easy to use These are the main advantages and made Ornament popular with users in countries all over the world. We are a great app to manage the health of the whole family,” emphasizes Dmitriy ZolobovCOO of Ornament Health AG.

Today, the medical community takes note of this Prevention is better than trying to find a cure. Along with this awareness, there is a growing demand for preventive medicine, which is a way not only to maintain and improve health, but also to expand the body’s reserves to lead a full life.

After users’ demands, Ornament anticipates and prevents diseases. Annual basic check-ups give you peace of mind, a sense of greater control over your life, and a conscious interest in your health.

It is an agile and innovative tool Simplifies user and family health monitoring. Through basic questions, a digital health file. From there, Ornament analyzes and evaluates, identifies potential problems, makes helpful recommendations, provides expert advice on topics users are interested in, and helps them manage vitamin levels or even lose weight. Users can get a complete picture of their health, track pregnancies, track post-COVID-19 symptoms, improve their weight, sleep diapers, help users adjust their sleep schedule, find helpful articles, and read practical tips for improving sleep habits.

“We have always focused on being Personal as possible And prevent our design philosophy from being medical. We want healthcare to become a daily habit.” Anatoly ZenkovHead of Design at Ornament Health AG.

Ornament was developed by the Swiss company Ornament Health AG, in close cooperation with IT professionals and experts from the medical sector. Ornament Health AG is also a co-owner of several medical companies: Selfdecode, Selthhacked, Lab Test Analyzer, Spiden and Genius lab. The company continues to work on various products that combine technology and data, in order to improve people’s quality of life.

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