The science-backed trick to cooking pasta while saving water is getting Italians riled up, and it’s not the microwave

Cook pasta It is probably the first thing one dares to do in the kitchen when you have no idea about cooking, but you have no choice but to prepare your own food. The task is simpleIn most cases, there are instructions printed on the packaging and we just have to follow them.

They all coincide with the steps to be followed to cook the pasta that we find in the Italian recipe book The 1-10-100 ruleVery easy to remember, 1 liter of water, 10g of salt and 100g of pasta. and the way of acting Also very simply, boil the water, add the salt and add the noodles until they are cooked on high heat until they are ready, which time is more or less, which can vary from the 2 minutes needed for the angel hair noodles to about 20 minutes to leave at a low point macaroni. If you do, any Italian will give you his blessing.

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But is this the only way to cook pasta? Well, the truth is that no. The first question, which is not without controversy, is whether this is the case Should oil be added to the cooking water or not?. There are various theories about this, the purer Italians asserting that if oil is added, it forms a film on the pasta that prevents the sauce from sticking.

other, like Chef Dabbys Munozthe best chef in the world in the last two editions of Best Chef AwardsHe recommends adding oil and says that the oil does not stick to the pasta, but rather, and here science supports his reasoning, the oil floats on the water, forming a layer on the surface that prevents the water from boiling out and leaving it. a pot. And just in case it helps someone, this author has tried both methods on numerous occasions without finding a difference in the outcome. The only thing that spoils pasta is overcooked, undercooked or served with a bad sauce.

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Can pasta be cooked by starting with cold water?

Someone may remember a Trick to cook pasta in one minute Popularized a few years ago, the aforementioned trick is to immerse the noodles in cold water and let them soak for at least 90 minutes. This will give it the appearance of fresh pasta and we will only have to dip it for a minute in boiling salted water until it is ready. he trick What we’re going to tell you today is something similar, however much fasterBecause it does not need to be soaked.

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It was shared on Instagram by Chef Heinz Wuth, known on the networks as @soycienciaycocina It’s a very simple technology.

As the chef explains, we just have to put the pasta in the bowl and cover it with cold water -It is understood that with salt to taste-, put on fire and stir from time to time. When it starts to boil, come back one minuteThen the pot is covered and the fire is turned off.

with the Cover pot and turn off the heatstayed rest pasta 5 minutes And after this time we can drain it. He will be ready and ready. In all, it takes about 15 minutes, which is slightly less time than it takes to cook pasta using the traditional method.

This is possible, here the scientific explanationBecause wheat pasta contains starch and protein. For cooking, we need to hydrate and gel the starches and coagulate the proteins. All this happens above 80 degrees Celsius. This is why you can cook pasta from boiling to resting stage in passive cooking (with the fire off).

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if we use Long pastaAnd, continues Wuth, one can use Same technique. It doesn’t matter if the water doesn’t completely cover the pasta at first. After a while before boiling, the spaghetti is folded and dipped. This is how we achieve even cooking. Times may vary depending on shape and thickness.

With this method of cooking pasta, you will not only save some time, but also you Saves water and electricity.

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