The role of AMBB in creating the medical profession at the United Nations University

On May 19, 1989, promoted by the Bahía Blanca Medical Association, an agreement was signed between the National University of the South, the University of Buenos Aires, the National University of La Plata and the Bahía Blanca Medical Foundation, under which the health sciences program (PROCISA) was signed.

The primary goals of the program were, among other things, to train human resources in the field of health to adapt to regional health realities and to organize continuous health programs for professionals working in the environment.

After several discussions, on October 5, 1994, a Feasibility Study Committee was formed to establish and implement a medical profession in the UNS, made up of members of PROCISA and UNS teachers.

In 1996, the Medical Recruitment Committee, made up of teachers from UNS and AMBB members, was established, as well as with technical support from the Executive Committee.

It was created with the purpose of gathering information about the teaching method approved by the McMaster University School of Health Sciences (Canada), which is currently used for the medical degree at the United Nations University; To organize medical education courses and analyze available human resources.

Meanwhile, in 1997, the Advisory Committee on the Feasibility of Implementing the Profession of Bachelor of Nursing was established.

Already in 1998, the University Association created a medical degree and the title of “Doctor” at the National University of the South, which was finally implemented in 2005, and whose first students graduated in 2010.

In November 2006, the University Council formed the Department of Medical Sciences, for which the Medical Professions Committee was dissolved and its name was later replaced by the Department of Health Sciences in November 2009.

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“Racing is another great achievement for the League, we fought a lot for it and it resonated with the people at UNS. Today we can be proud of the health sciences profession graduates. We have been in promotions for nearly 10 years and today, the race is one of the most chosen and best-watched races on Country level Graduates have an excellent profile, which allows them to excel in the residency exams of the best centers in the country, ”says Carlos DeGuire, current president of AMBB.

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