The purchase of a new logistical support package for the BMR for the Spanish Army has been approved

Although its replacement was identified by the acquisition of the VCR 8×8 Dragon, The Spanish Army’s 6×6 BMR vehicles will continue in service for the next few years until the new model is adopted. To achieve these ends, the Spanish Council of Ministers authorized the Ministry of Defense to enter into new framework agreements for logistical support for the fleet of armored vehicles manufactured by Santa Bárbara Sistemas. In turn, the Council’s decision also includes other segments of 4×4 support vehicles, as well as the Army’s air and space defense and surveillance systems.

Based on what was discussed at the August 29 meeting, the Council of Ministers approved two important agreements for the army. First, the Ministry of Defense was allowed to enter into a framework agreement for the purchase of spare parts for army vehicles of the BMR/VEC family.

This future agreement will include contracting for spare parts supply services for the 6×6 BMR family of operational armored vehicles, With an estimated value of 24,793,388.45 euros. Thus obtaining the necessary spare parts to carry out maintenance operations on this fleet of vehicles. In addition, it has also been given the green light to enter into another agreement with similar characteristics for the maintenance of the Santana Anibal 4×4 vehicle fleet. Its estimated value is €16,528,925.61.

Technical assistance services for air defense and surveillance systems:

Another question that emerged from the August 29 session: The Department of Defense has been approved to advance contracting for technical assistance services for logistical support of aerospace surveillance and control systems and equipment for the Army Air Forces and Space. The estimated total value of the agreements is €92,538,567.20.

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The approval of this agreement allows the Spanish Defense Portfolio to advance the contracting of services covering areas critical to the operation of these systems and equipment for the Army Air and Space. Engineering, maintenance, supply, logistics, quality, calibration and training are the main areas that these support services will cover.

This contract will ensure the continuous availability of the systems responsible for providing air navigation services for both civil and military aviation. This responsibility, which falls within the framework of the application of the Single European Sky Regulation, falls on the Air and Space Army.

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