Surprise: they capture the moment a meteor falls on an active volcano

A security camera captured the exact moment when Green light l meteor The sky lights up Indonesia, Just above The most active volcano The archipelago Merapi. The A video showing the terrifying picture It went viral.

What’s more, Gunarto SongPhotographer from the city Jakarta – Indonesia’s capital – was also able to photograph and publish the phenomenon with his camera Stunning photos on their social media.

The MerapiIts name means “Mountain of Fire” and is located on the island of Java, it is one of the The most active volcanoes in the Indonesian region And also from all over the planet. But this time, it wasn’t news about One of its dramatic revolutions – the last one, in January of this year -, But due to an astronomical event that occurred in its vicinity: A meteor appears to fall near its summit.

They capture a meteor fall on an active volcano in Indonesia

This phenomenon happened last night Thursday, May 27 The pictures were taken by the security company’s cameras MegadataThat spread quickly across social networks.

Including an imposition file Merapi Silhouette on the sky over a city Yogyakarta, in heart Java island When a luminous ball suddenly lights up in the sky, it nears its climax and disappears behind the back cliff of Mountain of Fire.

A meteor appears to have fallen on top of Merapi volcano in this stunning photo taken by Indonesian photographer Gunarto Song.Instagram / gunarto_song

The professional Indonesian photographer also captured the flash of the shocking meteor Gunarto Song, Who was able to take some amazing photos of the phenomenon, which can be seen as a bright green streak It appears to be embedded in the upper crater of the volcano.

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Will a meteor fall on top of the volcano? Merapi? He asked the aforementioned photographer on his Instagram account, whose comment was accompanied by three pictures of the car on its spin-off landing after the volcano.

Song is a fan of Merapi volcano and has been stationed in the vicinity of this mountain for four months, from February to May. On a Thursday night, he was taking pictures of the full moon, which gave him excellent visibility.

Suddenly I saw a very bright light Fall from top to bottom within one second. Very bright and fast, “said the photographer as per the slogan Local Media Kumparan.

A closer image of the meteor crash at Merapi
A closer image of the meteor crash at MerapiInstagram / gunarto_

In purely astronomical terms, and contrary to what the images suggest, there has been no record of meteorite collision in the area. Geophysical Station Monitor First degree SolomonAnd the Erin KonkahianiHe told the aforementioned Indonesian media that in monitoring the area no vibrations were recorded related to the alleged meteorite.

volcano The height of 2900 metersIn January this year, this complicated the local population by erupting and throwing clouds of ash and rivers of lava. It was the biggest tragedy he caused in recent times 2010, When he claimed life 240 locals. In 1930, meanwhile, another violent explosion caused the tragic balance of the 1,400 dead.


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