The Public Prosecutor of the Republic opens an investigation against President Pedro Castillo on charges of criminal organization

Sanchez took over for the third time as the nation’s attorney general on a temporary basis. | Photo: Andina/Vidal Tarque

National Prosecutor, Paul SanchezAn order to expand the preliminary investigation against the president Peter’s Castle About the alleged crimes Criminal organization, influence peddling and collusion. With this decision, it will now be included in the case Third Tarata Bridge where Former Minister of Transport, Juan Silva, and six congressmen from the People’s Action Authority accused of being members of ‘Los Niños’implicated in a lobbyist statement Carlem Lopez.

According to the prosecution, the extension has been resolved “After a legal technical analysis of the seriousness and seriousness of the accusations.” What is there against the head of state? Despite this, they added, Castillo would guarantee him the full exercise of his right to defence, respecting Article 117 of the Political Constitution. At this time, you have already been notified of this ruling. It was also indicated that his statements will be collected as part of the procedures to clarify these events that occurred in Ministry of Transport and Communications.

As mentioned, on May 6, Prosecutor General Sanchez decided to open a preliminary investigation into the alleged crime of complicity and against public calm in the form of criminal organization at the expense of the state against former Minister Juan Silva and Six members of the Popular Action Committee, were recently suspended for militancy.

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Moreover, last Wednesday, he also asked the judiciary to prevent leaving the country for Silva and the connected parliamentarians. Rafael Durotio, Elvis Vergara, Juan Morey, Jorge Flores, Darwin Espinosa and Ilic LopezFor a period of thirty-six and nine months in return.

All this was arranged by the announcement of the activist Carlem Lopez before the prosecutor Light Takwirfrom the Fifth Office of the Second Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which accused the former head of the Maritime Transport Authority and members of Congress for People’s Action of colluding in favor of Chinese and Peruvian construction companies in seven tenders in Provías decentralization. They will also take part in the conspiracy Bruno Pacheco, Former Presidential Secretary, Businessman Zamir Villaverde and nephews of President Castillo, Gian Marco Castillo Gomez and Frey Vazquez Castillo.

However, Lopez noted that this network would not have operated on its own without the help of President Castillo. It is indicated in the financial file that he is the head of the criminal organization that is well-established in the country.

Let us remember that the former attorney general of the nation, Zoraida Avalos, A preliminary investigation has been opened in Castillo in the case Third Tarata Bridge and the Tender for the supply of biodiesel B100 to Petroperúfrom January to April 2022. But, in a decision questioned by constitutionalists, he held it until he completed his term in 2026. With his successor, Attorney General Pablo Sanchez, he changed his criteria in light of recent evidence.

This week, Combutters revealed a series of audio recordings between the entrepreneur Zamir Villaverde The former Secretary General of the Government Palace, Bruno Pacheco. In the recording, dated July 25 last year, both characters speak How will positions be distributed within the state when Pedro Castillo takes over the presidency?

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Villaverde had a special interest in the wallet transportation, where Juan Silva was to be placed. For his part, Pacheco has made no secret of his desire to be Castillo’s right-hand man at the palace, where $20,000 was found in the bathroom last November, instead of leading the sector. Housing and construction.

Supposed audio recordings of Zamir Villaverde and Bruno Pacheco will show that she negotiated in the government. Video: Willax

The truth is that this voice was wanted by the temporary Supreme Deputy Prosecutor Samuel Augustin Rojas ChavezCoordinator of the Unlawful Enrichment and Constitutional Complaints District in National Prosecutor’s Office. plus taxes Carla Zisinaro MongResponsible for the fifth office of The Second Public Prosecution Specialized in Official Corruption OffensesThe Public Prosecutor for Money Laundering Light Takwir.

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