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gigarid, Telecom company operating in Argentina, Advertised by GEN/Nación Media to broadcast its contents to cities such as Resistencia, Corrientes and Posadas Cable TV has added us to its network since last July, and this company is the only repeater of the local medium in northeastern Argentina.

This move is a significant milestone for the Nación Media TV channel. International treatment exposes team management and good channel acceptanceEven crossing the border. Paraguayans residing in the neighboring country will see the reality with our own eyes.

This move positions GEN as a signal that is not only national, but international in scope, “It is part of a strategy spearheaded by director José María Aguero, who wants GEN, having achieved 100% penetration throughout the country, to also seek to reach Paraguayan audiences outside the country,” said Claudio Coronel, director of Deportes, but who has the task of expansion. International channel, communicating with LN/NM.

Argentina is the country that receives many Paraguayans, and it is the country with the highest rate of emigration of citizens, for the same reason GEN has partnered with Gigared to be the cable service of choice in cities such as Corrientes, Resistance and Posadas. “There are people who have relatives, and they are directly from Paraguay, or they usually come through Asunción or they travel to Encarnacion, either for walks or for shopping trips, etc. That’s why we found it interesting,” Coronel explained.

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The Argentine public doesn’t have to pay extra to see Paraguay signal. Simply put, if they are connected to the Gigared cable service, Channel GEN will now appear on the network as an option to see our programming. Coronel explained that they do not have to pay any extra, it is a sign included in the basic package.

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And let’s remember that GEN is a channel that diversified its programming between news, sports and entertainment information. It began broadcasting on June 7, 2017 and is part of Grupo Nación Media. It is transmitted from the capital of our country and has a national reach.

In Argentina, the new signal is embedded in channel 33.6 and will be available on the Pack Plus schedule. “From Gigared, the recommendation for users is to perform a new channel search from the TV or STB Smart settings to view the channel. In other cases, some TV models have a continuous search/auto-tuning function, so they will immediately see the new signal integrated”, says Noticias Portal del 6.

Gigared continues in this way in its period of expansion striving to provide service with excellent standards Quality, in addition to speed and digital acceleration, allows for the delivery of high-quality solutions that meet customer expectations.” They stand out from the company.

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