They did a botox treatment but it spoiled her smile

The woman became sad A viral phenomenon By showing how botox spoiled her smile. This is the case of Montana Morris, a young woman Your doctor has recommended that you be injected with toxin to relieve pain caused by a TMJ disorder – which reduces jaw movement – due to Painkillers weren’t working for him. However, the treatment, far from being useful, causes more problems and greater pain.

The young woman recounted what happened in a video clip she had uploaded to it Tik Tok And that immediately became viral. There he said that his doctor prescribed muscle relaxants that do not work: “He recommended botox injections as an option before resorting to major jaw surgery. The person who wore them told me that I would get the final results in a week or two, but My face was partially paralyzed already at four days, so I knew it was going to be bad“.

My mouth was starting to shrink. I could see my teeth less and less when I smiled; This is the first thing I noticed. Then my dimples were almost completely gone. The disorder I suffer is the best Jaws It opened soon after treatment and was much less hanging now, but surprisingly I have more pain than before. Because of the paralysis, I developed severe muscle atrophy, so chewing certain things is more difficult for me. “

According to Morris, The person taking care of the treatment was not a competent person so he injected the poison in the wrong placeSpecifically, in the masseter muscle, which is why he was paralyzed.

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