The mystery behind the export of famous works of art ended with a fine of $ 7 billion

One of the pieces from the Avant La Course series by Degas: A work part of this series has been announced on the list

during the past fifty years, The Blaquier family’s private art collection there was One of the best kept secrets in the Argentine art world. No one in the connoisseur universe knows exactly what they have; Only a select few outside his inner circle were given a private tour of his gallery of great masters. They did not expose it to the public, as, for example, Amalia La Cruz de Forbatab did with her husband, or Eduardo Constantini, who created their museums and open collections. Nor were they in the habit of loaning their paintings for museum exhibitions. Thus, the pictorial heritage of the clan headed by the recently deceased sugar businessman Carlos Pedro and his ex-wife Nelly Arita The famous shepherd and mother of his five children, also deceased, became A.P an obvious mysterywhich is something that many people know about, but don’t really know.

Now, that puzzle has become Administrative problem of $7.3 billion pesos.

In recent days, customs have fined this amount after an internal operation that has not yet been prosecuted: Eleven works of the clan’s heritage, valued by the Argentine state at $350 million, were exported to Luxembourg free of charge., apparently for an exhibition, with the obligation that the works return to the country before the expiration of the fixed term. However, according to the customs charge, the owners refused to repatriate them.

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Exact fine applied to the issuing company Responsible for transferring famous works of art.

Nelly Aretta De Blaquiere, deceased today (Courtesy MNBA)

infobae Access the full parts list through case sources. In the list of works you will find, for example, A painting by Van Gogh, A Scene of Roses, and a painting by Edgar Degas, part of the Equestrian Series. Avant la course: Another painting in this series is in the Walters Museum in Baltimore, US. Also included is a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The three works mentioned here were sent “for free,” according to one source.

There is also, Floral scene by Paul Gauguin It is the most famous work on the list A piece by Claude Monet showing his fame Les Nympheas, his water lilies, at least according to the name of the piece written in the manifest. There is also Paul Cezanne. According to the announced title, it will be one of his classic farces.

Procedures to withdraw business from the country began in November 2019According to the same sources. The start date of the proceedings matters at least. AFIP’s old General Resolution No. 3730 provided for the “Financial Register of Art Operators’ Business,” an information system relating to “purchases, sales, and brokerages of works of art and the obligation to make an annual declaration of the responsible jury to owners of said works of art.”

In June 2019, AFIP decided to leave Resolution No. 3730 without effect, and kept only the annual advertisement for the works.

This broker has consulted customs for details on the matter, but the agency has not yet responded.

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