How to customize WhatsApp with “Super Mario Mode”

“Super Mario status” on WhatsApp.

After the movie premiere Super Marioit is possible that many lovers a personality It is an epic video game Nintendo Want to get more character content or want to try them out in apps like The WhatsApp Related to Mario or one of his friends. In this case, the messaging platform’s “Super Mario Mode” may be activated.

This “mode” does not consist of a series of commands that can be entered The WhatsApp to change your settings. Nor does it consist of downloading an application that modifies a file appearance For the platform, it tries to create a series of configurations personalization To modify the user experience.

Features that can be changed to request, for example, is its symbol. Although this cannot be permanently changed, it is possible for the change to be marked by “launcher“, an application dedicated to the aesthetic change of the screen of a cell phone. All of them will be displayed only when they are active, so nothing is modified from the file to request creative.

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For example, “new launcher” The home screen of cell phone. While it is active, it presents a basic layout that the user can modify according to their preferences. With this, you can hold down the icon The WhatsApp And modify both his name and his thumbnail with some photos from the gallery. The user must download a file associated with Super Mario to set it as the main icon.

Users can change the WhatsApp icon using apps like Nova Launcher. (Information bar)

As part of the mods, you can also add files attachments Super Mario, both from the movie and from the Nintendo video games. For example, the app called “” has different combinations and styles that can be used in chat conversations. The WhatsApp.

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Some of them even act like cartoon Because they have action and sometimes act out some iconic moments from the movie that was released a few weeks ago.

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After entering the platform, enter “Super MarioIn the search engine and to find a group, the user has to click on it and then on “Add to”. The WhatsApp‘, located at the bottom of the screen. This will send everything attachments to the dedicated section of the messaging app. You can even see a special category dedicated just to Mario in this section.

Super Mario stickers. (Yasser)

With this, some of the configurations that can be applied are to modify the background of conversations in The WhatsApp. This can be done through the Settings option in the app. After that, you have to enter the chats option and set the perfect wallpaper. The image to be selected must be pre-downloaded to the device.

The most fanatical user in Epic video game They will also be able to edit their profile picture in a profile to request. This process is simple and takes less than a minute. As in the case of other configurations, you must have a previously downloaded image.

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By settings protection On the device, it is Photography It can be shown to all contacts or only to those who have been added to the phone book.

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In any of the cases, be it for profile pictures, icons or wallpapers talksIt is recommended that the image be large and of good quality, otherwise there is a possibility of losing resolution and becoming pixelated.

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