The most forgotten passwords by Spaniards and the categories that promote them, according to a study by NordPass.

According to the latest NordPass report, Spanish internet users are more likely to forget the passwords for their Gmail, Instagram and Outlook accounts. The company conducted a study of online search behavior that examined which passwords people were most likely to forget in eight different countries, and found significant differences in the trend.

Regarding online services whose passwords Spaniards often forget, the ranking is as follows: Gmail, Instagram, Outlook, Windows, Facebook, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Apple ID and Sony PlayStation.

The most forgotten password categories

After evaluating different categories of services, it was determined that passwords for social media platforms (31.5%), email services (24.4%), and single sign-on sites (such as Google and Microsoft) are the most encouraging for users to forget them. passwords. In addition, it is curious that passwords for gaming accounts are forgotten frequently, including passwords for games, game consoles, game publishers, websites and entertainment applications, which account for 13.9% of all forgotten passwords.

For his part, Thomas Smalakis, NordPass’ chief technology officer, noted that “we have hundreds of passwords at our disposal. Therefore, forgetting a password that we considered memorable when creating it is normal. Although it also raises the question of why rather than why.” Adopt healthier password management practices We find ourselves in the “reset your password” cycle over and over again.”

In Spain, Italy, and France, Gmail passwords are often forgotten, while in English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Apple ID tops the list of most forgotten passwords. Globally, the credentials of many Google accounts are forgotten, including Youtube and Gmail. Apple ID and Yahoo account passwords also have a high rate of forgetting among Internet users.

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Finally, Thomas Smalakis said the data shows that people aren’t just resetting passwords for services they rarely use. On the contrary, the most popular services that are used daily by many Internet users are at the top of the list. “There are several reasons for this trend. First, many progressive global service providers allow single sign-on (SSO), which successfully limits the number of passwords that Internet users need to remember. Second, many applications or sites we use rarely log in from from time to time.”

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