cool team? They offer a job in Antarctica to count penguins

There are inhospitable places that few can reach, and those who have a unique and unforgettable experience. This is the case in Antarctica, the so-called “white continent”, the southernmost place on Earth where the lowest temperatures on the planet were recorded and scientific research stations were set up.

Here you can also travel, if you can stand the cold, become part of the research community and count the penguins.

Yes, as you just read, a British organization is in the process of recruiting a certain number of people who want to spend 5 months in Antarctica, among other things, to count the penguins and their eggs.

As you might imagine, this is not a job for everyone, however the UK Antarctic Fund receives applications from all over the world. If you are interested, here are all the details.

According to information published on the British portal BCB, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the British Antarctic Fund is assigning a seasonal team to work at the post office, museum and gift shop at Port Lockroy on Goudier Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. .

The agency knows that the idea may appeal to millions of people but warns that before applying, they should know that it is necessary to make their way through kilometers of snow to reach the village, and once in the village, forget about amenities like toilets. .

But the reward is significant, as those selected will form part of a research group of British scientists run by the UK Antarctic Trust, a charity that runs the space as a conservation and tourist site.

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The institution prepares to receive visitors during the Antarctic summer between November and March, the period when thousands of tourists arrive on cruise ships.

The charity revealed that it plans to hire about 5 people in positions such as grassroots leaders, store managers and general assistants.

The monthly stipend ranges between £1,250 and £1,800, which equates to between 32 thousand and 46 thousand Mexican pesos.

They also noted that while they will accept applications from all over the world, candidates will need to meet the requirements and documents necessary to prove they have the right to work in the UK. In this sense, during the interview they will ask for passports, residence permits and other supporting papers.

Things to do, if you work in Antarctica

As mentioned earlier, the work to be done is not easy, not only because of the extreme temperatures but also because of the lack of basic services.

Depending on your location, you may be in charge of the museum or serving visitors in the store, but after that, consider additional activities like drawing water in boats and cleaning up after the penguins.

Also, if the ice is too thick for ships to land on, staff must melt the ice.

The nice part is that the workers share the island with thousands of gentoo penguins, they have become their neighbors and you can even see them building their nests outside the homes. For this reason, part of the mission also includes the care and preservation of these animals, which includes, among other things, counting the penguins and their eggs.

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In the end, what they are looking for are adventurous people who are willing to work as a team. If you are interested in the position, you can submit your application on the UK Antarctic Trust page.

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