The Monzon Science City program proposes a “Journey into the secrets of aging”

The Department of Families and the Elderly, in cooperation with the Department of the Environment, within the Science City program, organized a lecture entitled “A Journey to the Secrets of Aging.” The conference will be held on Thursday, November 23 at 7:15 pm in the assembly hall of the Casa de la Cultura de Monzón, led by CSIC researcher, Adrian Fragoso Luna.

Aging is a natural biological process that affects us all. Delving into the nature of aging to better understand our mortality rate is one of the great goals of science. This talk will explain what aging is, why we age, and take you through the pathologies of accelerated aging, as well as exploring whether aging is an inevitable fate that affects all living things.

The lecture will be delivered by researcher Adrian Fragoso Luna, graduate in Biochemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid, PhD in Functional Biology and Genomics from the University of Salamanca and researcher at the Andalusian Center for Developmental Biology (Seville), where he studies, among other things, diseases of accelerated aging. In parallel with research, he is actively involved in publishing projects.

“It is a conversation about a topic that we will all delve into because it is a natural biological process,” explains Mirela Martinez, a family and seniors counselor. There’s nothing better than a researcher from the Ciudad Ciencia program to explain to us the secrets of aging. Naturally, we invite everyone to attend this event, which will certainly provide us with first-hand information on this topic.”

Nuria Moreno, responsible for the Environment Program and Science City, recalls, “This project provides us with lectures and workshops for scientific publishing on CSIC. Its purpose is to bring science closer to municipalities far from large urban centers so that their residents learn first-hand about current scientific and technological developments. In this context, we are offering this conversation for free.

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Summary of the book “A Journey into the Secrets of Aging”

The ancient Greeks were great travelers and explorers, as the Iliad and Odyssey attest. They highlighted one type of flight as the most impressive and dangerous: undermining. Only a few legendary heroes have been able to do this: descend into the underworld and return alive to tell the tale. Literature gives us more examples, such as the journey of the hero of the Divine Comedy to Hell. Science did not remain far from these transcendent adventures.

Delving into the nature of aging to better understand our mortality rate is one of the great goals of science. What is aging? Why do we get older? We will delve into the diseases of accelerated aging. We will explore whether aging is an inevitable fate that comes to all living things. We will tell the observations that are difficult to believe. Nature can still teach us true wonders.

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