The importance of physical well-being related to emotional health and work productivity, along with Wellwo

The importance of physical well-being related to emotional health and work productivity, along with Wellwo

Global Health Organization (from) Health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” A recent study confirms that 75% of Spanish companies are concerned about the physical and mental health of their employees. Due to COVID-19, many employees are working from home or sharing face-to-face with remote control, sometimes adding hours, stress, and isolation. This has become a problem for Spanish companies.

Experts explain that the health of employees affects productivity in their workplace. Did you know that the healthiest employees are the most productive?

Maybe you like Improve your mental and physical health To increase productivity in your work day. There are different ways to find this balance of well-being through the different activities that we can do every day.

Knowing and taking care of your body, meditation and stress management, physical and mental activity are some of the tips that will serve as support for increasing your performance and will help you to know yourself better, both internally and externally.

As mentioned earlier, another lesson that the pandemic has taught us is that many people have decided to exercise at home. With the aim of covering this need of their employees and looking to have a positive impact on their physical and mental condition, 28% of companies in Spain have decided to incorporate Online physical well-being services, such as virtual sports lessons or access to training videos.

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During this discussion, Organized by RRHHDigital and Wellwo, the complete app with everything collaborators need to take care of their physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, social and financial health, answers to questions such as: Does physical and mental well-being affect worker productivity? Can lack of sleep reduce workforce productivity?

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