Netflix: Andrés Hurtado has confirmed that he has been approached from Spain to produce for the streaming platform | Saturday with Andres

Andres Hurtado can go abroad after a curious invitation. What did he really say? You will find all the details if you keep reading.

Andrés Hurtado gave Chipolin an advertisement that surprised more than one. | Source: Panamericana TV | Source: Panamericana TV

I was surprised again. Andres Hurtado, also known as “Shipulin”, shocked many with a declaration he made in the latest edition of “Saturday with Andres. The driver revealed that he was I called from Spain to be a part of Series produced by Netflix.

Hurtado was speaking to a guest on his show Saturday, when he surprised everyone with the announcement. “I take this opportunity to tell you, I am recording for a Spanish series. I will be recording on Netflix for a series,” began to say.

Andrés Hurtado will be in the Netflix series

The TV presenter said that next week he will head to the United States to start shooting a movie Running giant. Depending on your version, you will have a driver’s rolesomething you already know very well.

“For whatever reason, the fact that I’m recording on Wednesday in the United States for a Spanish series, where they invited me as host. A small role, a small role they gave me on Netflix, but I always like to talk about myself. The country. I always like to tell him about our wonderful benefits “Male Hurtado.

Surprise in ‘Saturday with Andrés’

Chibolín’s participation in an international production wasn’t the only surprise at Sábado con Andrés. It was also learned that controversial host Laura Bozzo will return to Peruvian screens in the next edition.

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