The former president appears with the Together for Change leadership after announcing that he will not be a candidate

In Parque Norte, he participates in a macrista think tank dinner with presidential candidates Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich. Arrived upon invitation with Juliana Awada.

After announcing on Sunday his withdrawal from any candidacy for the 2023 elections, Mauricio Macri participates From the Fundación Libertad dinner where he is expected to appear for the first time, accompanied by Horacio Rodriguez Larita and Patricia Bullrich, The main candidates for his political power, together for change.

The ex-boss is the main figure of the Macrista think tank carrying out the event on Monday night, in the Goldencenter in Parque Norte, where he arrived With his wife, Juliana Awada.

Also in attendance are his cousin Jorge Macri along with Belen Ludwina, Diego Santilli and Carolina Losada.

Macri’s participation is on the agenda of the event, along with the presence of Spain’s Isabel Diaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, and Brazilian Sergio Moro, former minister of Jair Bolsonaro and the judge who imprisoned Lula da Silva and unleashed the corruption scandal. It is called Lava Jatu.

Dinner was organized for a while, Without suspecting that it will only fall the next day Who posted the video made a strong impact both in Unite for Change and in the rest of the political action.

Macri’s announcement made clear one of the suspicions that had been fueling tensions in the opposition coalition, and for the Buenos Aires head of government and the PRO president, the risk that their aspirations would be threatened in the event that their political leader would do so. Look for the second time.

Mauricio Macri and Juliana Owada, at the Fondation Libertad dinner in Parque Norte. Marcelo Carroll’s photo
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Mauricio Macri’s first statements after his announcement

Hours after the video that he shared on his social networks, Macri recorded an interview with LN + on Sunday, in which he was interested in clarifying that he would seek not to repeat the dynamics of the Todos front and the relationship between Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernandez .

There is only one boss, and there can be no two bosses. He stressed that the Argentines must choose the person most capable of bringing about profound change, because he will have to confront the mafia and the corporate status quo.

In this sense, he distinguished himself with Rodriguez Larreta, due to the prime minister’s speech to end the “rift”, one of the axes of his campaign, with which he focused on launching his candidacy. “Crack does not exist. There are crazy ideas and sensible ideas. Period,” McCree responded.

In addition, the former president endorsed his cousin Jorge and confirmed that he considered him the “best candidate” for PRO for the City.

News under development.


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