The family of an Argentine who disappeared on a yacht in the Caribbean

Almost a week from The disappearance of the yacht Transfer of two Argentines from Mexico to Haiti, the family A crew member performed Desperate call for help So they intensify the search for the boat. Until this afternoon, They had no trace.

We need everyone Keep cooperating in the search for my sonFrom capturing the news to repeating the news by journalists,” asked Carlos Juarez’s father, Mendoza who was to provide humanitarian aid to the Central American country with three of his colleagues.

MOI Guadalupe was returning to its initial destination when it lost contact midway. The last contact was when he was leaving Jamaica, where he stopped to refuel.

Carlos Juarez’s family is desperate for help.

Since then, the Mexican Navy has been working with aircraft and light boats along and around the route the crew has sailed.

However, Argentina’s consul in Playa del Carmen, Lautaro Feltensky, confirmed on Monday afternoon that No news yet About their whereabouts and reported that they are currently moving to the north of the Gulf, while the family of Argentine Spaciano – one of the disappeared – is doing so by private plane to the south.

“They are working in coordination and looking at different areas but nothing at the moment,” Veltinsky told Telam news agency regarding the work being done in the area.

In this context, the family of Carlos Juarez revealed that they are studying the hypothesis that Is it a pirate kidnapping?.

“What we know is that it could have been a case of piracy and that it was searched on the coasts, because there was no trace of the yacht being sunk, and that’s impossible,” they said, emphasizing that they were asking for help from the United States to follow up.

To reinforce this theory, they argued in the area There will be pirates from Haiti and Venezuela These hijack boats and take them to the coasts, which could have happened with the yacht in which Mexican Martin Vega Argues and Cuban Denis Manuel Fernandez Diaz were also found.

Finally, in an interview with Los Andes newspaper, the family concluded: “He’s desperate. Thousands of horrible things go through our heads but we still try to be optimistic. We don’t wish that to anyone in the world.”

Renzo Spasciano was part of the crew of the yacht that traveled to Haiti to provide humanitarian aid.

Renzo Spasciano was part of the crew of the yacht that traveled to Haiti to provide humanitarian aid.

Juarez’s request for help is accompanied by the desperation of Renzo Spaciano, the companion with whom he traveled to bring food, medicine, and even a field hospital.

They paid, by their own means, for a plane to activate the search, when the authorities did not give them an answer. “We did the whole area where they could be. Because there was a vision of a possible boat and we tracked ocean currents etc but there are no traces of anything. Now we have to try to persuade the United States to help,” agreed with Mendoza’s relatives.

They explained, “It’s going to be important to be able to count on them because there are streams that could have ended up in Miami. And hopefully we can count on their help to speed up the search even more,” he wondered.


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