The Hawk and the Winter Soldier: 10 Keys to Remember Before

Falcon and Winter Soldier Is the second series that marvel It will be launched on Disney Plus and will be linked to new movies that are part of the much-anticipated Phase 4 that had to delay its start due to the pandemic.

The MCU It really gave us a first glimpse into its new era WandaVision, A series that came to change paradigms (at least in the field of visual style and narration) and to make it clear to everyone Avengers: Endgame It wasn’t his best stunt, but there are still many stories he tells and appears on TV, on hand DisneyIt only opened up more possibilities for creativity and exploration of new characters and connections between all of them.

WandaVision It was only the beginning marvel He has several series premiering this year, and the second will start after that dramatic moment when he meets elderly Steve Rogers. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson (After he went out of his original schedule to live a normal life side by side with the woman he loved) to hand over his shield and pass the flame of the first Avenger to a new hero.

We don’t know exactly what will happen in the series that arrives on March 19 (although we have an idea) however Falcon Way Bucky They have a big battle ahead of them and to understand it all you have to remember a few things.

What should you know before you see Falcon and Winter Soldier?

Who is Sam Wilson?

Character Sam Wilson It was created by Stan Lee and Jane Cullan about Captain America # 117 From 1969, when he is reported to have grown up in a slum in Harlem. His father was killed while trying to stop a gang fight when Sam was nine years old and his mother killed a few years later.

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Sam first became a criminal, “Snap” Wilson. But his life changes when Sam crashes on an island called Exile, where the villain is Red skull It controls him mentally and gives him the ability to communicate with birds. After a confrontation with Steve Rogers, Sam is freed from Skull’s control and eventually helps Cap to defeat him, becoming his crime-fighting partner.

Becomes poisonous captain America When Steve begins to lose the powers of the serum he changed, he grows up quickly and needs a successor, although the government decided to put John Walker in his place, but in the name of American agent.

at MCUSam helps Cap to defeat shieldAfter it was found that he had been hacked by members hydra, And becomes an avenger in Age of Ultron, siding with Steve Rogers during the Civil War.

Who is Bucky Barnes?

James Buchanan Barnes It was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby about Captain America Comics # 1, Published in December 1940. Bucki was orphaned after his parents’ death and placed in the care of Camp Lee, the army training center where his father died. Then he started working as a military agent and finally headed to the UK, where he met Steve Rogers, who had just become captain America.

Bucky and Cap fight the Nazis together and Red skull, It appears that Barnes was killed when his uniform was caught on a detonating plane. Bucky survives, but is frozen in the ice, and the Russians save him, wipe his mind, and give him a robotic arm before he becomes a killer named Winter Soldier.

at MCU, is being Winter soldier Responsible for killing Tony Stark’s parents and sending him to the judiciary Nick Fury But Steve stopped him, and little by little he began to recover his memory. Barnes was eventually captured by the Avengers and transported to Wakanda, where he was able to recover all of his memories and join him. Avengers in Infinity War and Endgame.

Steve Rogers gave his shield to Sam Wilson

new captain America He was never officially elected, but Rogers appeared in 2019 to pass his shield on to his potential successor. Sam did not want to take it, but eventually agreed and promised that he would do his best, but in the trailer for the series, it appears that the shield is in a museum, and Sam is only seen using it when he throws it. In a tree for a reason. Becomes poisonous captain America In the comics, however, this is not an easy thing for him and the government is even trying to prevent him from keeping the superhero name.

Falcon and Cry aren’t exactly friends

Sam Way Bucky They barely make appearances together in the MCU and don’t know each other very well, they’ve only been together Civil war, And in some small moments, but in the series it looks like they actually have some time to get to know each other, so we can see what happened between them after Steve handed over his shield.

Who is Helmut Zemo?

Helmut Zemo He was playing it originally Daniel Brule in the Civil War, His goal is to destroy the Avengers by turning Cap against Iron Man by revealing that Bucky killed Tony’s parents. In the story, the Zemo family is killed in Sokovia during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it is not known what he will try to achieve in the series. In the trailer, Bucky can be seen while Zemo shoots him.

Bucky’s arm has Wakanda technology

Tushala Buckeye ladder an arm created with vibranium Through endless warWhich means she has more strength and abilities than we’ve seen so far. Vibranium is one of the most important resources, so the government will definitely be aware of what is happening with this arm.

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Steve wanted Bucky to live

why Steve Wouldn’t you pass your shield to your friend and friend in battle? Theories say that Steve wanted to be allowed to lead a normal life, outside of the military or shieldBecause his life was really complicated and he does not need more problems, which means that the Winter Soldier can start the series with a life far from all of that.

Bucky-es are almost static

Shuri was able to eliminate what hydra Put it in Bucky’s mind, but he himself says it’s semi-stable, leaving two options: first that he said it as a joke, and second that there’s still a small amount of Hydra in it, which Zemo I can use it against you as revenge.

Who is the US agent?

This is a character that has not appeared in the movies. American agent It actually is John Walker Soldier selected by the government to replace Captain America after Steve Rogers. Walker was chosen because it was easier to control and share the same ideals with the government after the events of the Civil War. In the series’ trailer, you can see a guy with a different version of the Captain America logo, and he could be a US agent.

Bucky and Sam were “wiped out” by Thanos

Winter Soldier y Falcon They were two of the Avengers who disappeared when Thanos used the Infinity Stones, which means that, like Monica Rimbaud at WandaVision, they have no idea what happened in the wasted years, and maybe we’ll see the moment they return.

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