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An employee takes care of an elderly person at a residential and long-term care facility in Montreal. Canadian Army reports on living conditions in these places in Ontario and Quebec have caused outrage in the country. (Evano Demers / Radio Canada)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government announced on April 26 that the Canadian Armed Forces will deploy up to three Medical Aid Teams to help vital health centers in Ontario, the country’s most populous province that is now under tremendous pressure. Due to the increase in Covid – 19 cases.

The Department of Public Safety said in a statement that, starting April 27, the Air Force will also begin sending additional medical personnel to Ontario by other provinces to deal with the crisis. On the same day, Tuesday, a relief flight with medical personnel from the Maritime County of Newfoundland will arrive in Ontario.

Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sagan said, in a statement, that since the beginning of the epidemic, and at the most difficult times, Canadians have relied on the Canadian military’s help. Regardless of the challenge, our uniformed staff were on hand to helpSaid the military man.

Together with our partners, the Canadian Armed Forces will be on hand to assist Ontario residents in their time of need. We are ready, willing and able to help the people of Ontario during this difficult time. “

Harjit Sagan, Canadian Minister of Defense.

The number of the deployed army is expected to be thirty or more. The unit will house nurses and technicians who will assist in responding to the growing number of critical care situations, particularly in the greater Toronto area. The army will also help coordinate health logistics.

Work is currently underway to complete field assessments, which will determine the exact number of military personnel to be assigned to this application.As stated in the public security statement.

Instead of simultaneous deployments, medical aid teams will rotate in and out of the province to ensure continued military support, the statement added.

The military medical system came under great pressure last year when the army was dispatched to assist nursing homes. The Armed Forces Healthcare District has been reduced to the most important region in order to perform the task.

The Ontario provincial government, led by critical conservative Prime Minister Doug Ford, formally submitted a request for assistance just days after turning down an offer from the federal government to send additional staff.

In a statement to the media, the county attorney general, Sylvia Jones, said in Ontario He enlisted specific resources, many of them, for example, in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Red Cross.

Military medical teams were sent a year ago to help long-term care homes for the elderly in the two provinces of Ontario and Quebec, which have been overwhelmed by cases of coronavirus.

This extraordinary presentation revealed appalling conditions in some centers.

Some nurses, medical technicians and uniformed soldiers spent months treating elderly patients in 54 residences in both governorates during the first wave.

About 55 military personnel contracted Covid-19 while serving in those centers, according to testimony a parliamentary committee heard last fall. All soldiers recovered and none required hospitalization.

The military is also heavily involved in planning and coordinating vaccine deployment, with senior officers and personnel attached to Public Health Canada.

Major General Danny Fortin, who was Chief of Staff at Army Operations Command, was appointed Deputy Chief of Logistics and Operations at the Canadian Health Agency and worked alongside a military logistics team with experience in moving substantial medical resources around the world.

Sources: CBC / M. Brewster / RCI / RV Adaptation

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