The sentimental farewell song for sailors who perished in an Indonesian submarine

Bali. – The Indonesian Navy released a video of the crew of the crashed submarine off Bali, showing the sailors aboard the submarine singing just a few weeks ago.

This video, which was captured on board the shipwreck “KRI Nanggala 402” in which all 53 crew members died in the wreck. Sailors are shown singing “Sampai Jumpa,” an Indonesian folk song called “Goodbye.”

Who was the captain of the submarine, Heri Octavian, seems to have met with the group, near one of his subordinates who plays the guitar.

“I’m not ready to miss you, I’m not ready to leave you,” they sing in the chorus. They add, “I wish you the best.”

A spokesman for the armed forces, Djawara Wimpo, said the video was filmed as a farewell message to the former commander of Indonesian submarine forces, whose successor took office in early March.

Submarine, one of five in the Indonesian fleet, He disappeared on Wednesday as he prepared to take part in a maneuver off Bali.

A tribute to the crew who died on the submarineDavva Ramya Kenzuddin – Agence France-Presse

Indonesian Armed Forces On Sunday, they announced that they had found the submarine divided into three parts, At a depth of more than 800 meters and that the entire crew is dead.

Agencia AFP


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