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Crying with immigrants and using inclusive language is not enough to bring equality to a country. This is something Justin Trudeau seems to have missed.

It was revealed last week that the number of children born with syphilis in Canada is increasing at a much faster rate than in the United States or Europe. According to information provided by Reuters, the increase is due to the increase in methamphetamine use and the lack of access by Indigenous peoples to the public health system.

The increase in cases may be multifactorial, as there are experts who also point to a decrease in condom use as a cause. Some experts also point to the increased availability of testing and the idea that numbers are rising because more infections are being discovered. Therefore, the expansion of new demographics “could be random.”

But reality cannot be changed by speeches. Well, even though Trudeau has done the impossible to come across as a feminist, environmentalist, and any other progressive causes, that doesn’t seem to apply in reality.

“It’s a sign of inequality. It’s a sign of low quality antenatal care,” said Teodora Elvira Way, who works on the World Health Organization’s HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted disease program. “In high-income countries, it is seen in disadvantaged sectors of the population,” he said. For others, this goes further. “In Canada, Indigenous people suffer discrimination and often have little access to health and social services,” Sean Rourke, a scientist at the Li Ka Shing Institute of Knowledge in Toronto, told Medical Daily.

It seems easier for Trudeau to apologize to Indigenous communities for abuses that occurred between the 19th century and the end of the 20th century and announce an agreement with 325 Indigenous communities to compensate them up to C$2.8 billion than to apologize. Ensuring conditions of access to health services for this segment of the population.

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It’s not about changing words like “humans” to “people” for the sake of a change. Trudeau better turn structural racism into egalitarian government. That would be “kind”.

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