The British chancellor went to play shuffleboard and eat fried food on a visit to the country

UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, Visited in the last few days Colombia to meet him Government of President Gustavo Petro And we talk about issues like climate change problems, the peace agreement, and deforestation in the forest.

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UK advisor He arrived in the country on Friday, May 19th after his visit to Jamaica. Brilliant landed in Colombia as part of his tour of Latin America and the Caribbean, where he spoke with governments about Projects being implemented in the region It strengthens relations with Latin American countries.

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Alvaro Leyva Colombia’s Foreign Minister, British Ambassador to Colombia, George Hodgson, She was responsible for receiving the UK Counselor who He visited different regions of the country such as Guaviare and Cartagena and up Cerro Azul.

I will be speaking to government ministers about what we can do to support their path to lasting peace.

In addition, James Cleverly met with the President last Sunday Gustavo Pietro at Nariño’s house, They discussed and announced peace agreements Project “UK-Colombia Action Plan” Which seeks to help the Colombian economy move in a green and sustainable direction.

“The UK government recognizes that this is the business that… Still in progressthat we are still needed to support them and for Let’s support each other. This is partly why I am here and I will be speaking with government ministers about what we can do to support their path to lasting peace.”

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James Cleverly is invited to play shuffleboard and eat fried food

In the past few hours, some photos have been released where counselor James Cleverly is seen practicing one most traditional sports in colombia, Take advantage of his stay in different parts of the country.

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George Hodgson, The British ambassador to Colombia, he was responsible for making a video spread on social networks, in which the UK chancellor could be seen flaunts his shuffleboard skills, With many British officials, including Hodgson.

Good memory of the #UKCOL meeting we had with him

James Cleverly when we challenged him to a game of shuffleboard. He surprised us with his knack for achieving arcs And his willingness to try everything. Even ants! What could they have told him about Colombian culture? (sic), the ambassador wrote on his official Twitter account.

But cleverly, not only did he dare show his style with shuffleboard in hand, Was pleased to try the traditional fritanga Which is sold in several regions of the country. And not only that, He risked experimenting with culonas.Although it was not easy to convince him, as the British ambassador himself revealed.

In the end, the British Foreign Minister He had time to perfect his technique of playing shuffleboard And take back a good memory of Columbia, after eating ants with beer in hand.

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